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Aziz Nur SFW(com/adopt) by Sheori

Aziz Nur SFW(com/adopt)


First most and flat out i will state that he is mine, if seen else where thats not under any of my handles it will mean he is stolen. Same rules apply under all my OC's. I do not wish him to be used for role play outside myself, do not trace, alter him, copy him, or heavily reference the art.

He is mine forever for the artist doesn't wish the character to be resold.

Name: Aziz Nur
Roughly translates to "powerful, respected, beloved" and "Light", kudo's if you get the reference with out translations. :D
Species: Liger
Height: 9'
Weight: 400 (math is wonky trying to scale it to a human body builder at that height, can be fixed if i figured wrong)
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
BDSM role: Switch, leaning more towards dominant.
Eyes: Grey/blue
Fur color: Tan and teal
Clothes: White undershirt tank, khaki shorts, gold armband, white sneakers, jade talisman wrapped around frontal dread lock with a red string for luck.

Piercings: Tongue, nose, and ears.
Noticeable abnormalities: Notched brow on left side.
Ethnicity: mix blood of Indonesia, African, and Chinese. Raised in America but likes to study his heritage culture.
Hobbies: Body building, hiking, artifact study, and cultural history.
Personality : Quiet, confident, down to earth, honest, and usually short/to the point.
Favorite foods: Sushi, steak, curry, grapes, and banana's.
Weaknesses: Pride, his hair, shiny objects, and large quantities of fire.
Likes: A variety of music, drinking, and learning new survival traits to name a few.
Dislikes: Rude/manipulative/push people, drama (though likely the cause), prunes, guns, and large spiders to name a few.

Bio/History: (will fill this out once inspiration hits me for it. )

Art by:  dananaritos

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