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*insert jaws theme* (com) by Sheori

*insert jaws theme* (com)


15 October 2017 at 19:02:55 MDT

An there we have it folks! The result of my 1500 watcher raffle!

I must say the whole experience has been a delight!
She was so patient through the whole ordeal and robyn was spectacular in making sure everything was how we wanted it!
I really really really really love the colors, highlights, hues, all that technical art stuff in this, it just turned out so stunning!
Featuring  nayami as Kasumi her main fursona!
Art by the ever so lovely!  robynpaperdoll

This character is -NOT- to be used as a role play character beyond myself. I do NOT permit other people to use my character that way, so if you see some one doing so please tell them to quit it and if they dont take it down, contact me so i can file a DCMA.
Do not copy, trace, edit, alter, or reference the character or art work.