Lean on me (com) by Sheori

Lean on me (com)


16 May 2018 at 09:54:10 MDT

Dear Best friend,

Who would of thought the over muscled rabbit in space age gear i use to giggle at before knowing would slip into my life years later in second life.
There was this pull that you always had even at the very start when you were struggling with yourself that i had this overwhelming need to make sure you were ok...id check with your cousin to see where you been off to or how you were doing. When you had that spell...i didnt care if you didnt text back, i sent messages to you because i genuinely wanted to make sure you were ok and to let you know i was there. When you felt well enough to log in again...i was there to welcome you back with open arms. Over ecstatic to just see my friend again. I opened up to you....you opened up to me. We have always had each others back through it all...even if we had spells of not getting long, there was the realization that i loved you. You are my nearest dearest friend. You give me the support and warmth i need when im down. You always bring a smile to my face even if you dont think you are doing enough...its always enough, if not more. I love your sense of humor, i love your smile, i love your antics, and i love your courage. I dont think i could ever think of my life with out my dearest friend near by. I appreciate you so much bunz, thank you....thank you so much for being there for me. You give me the strength to stand and move on even in my darkest times. You give me the courage to face another day.

This picture is for us...im finally glad i was able to make it come to life. It depicts the warmth and support you give me. Im here for you. You are here for me...even if im not as chatty as i use to be...i love talking to you. Thank you for being in my life.
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