I'm just a floofy rooey roo who loves to spend time with his friends and do fun stuff~

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I absolutely adore everything big, and there's no such thing as "too much" in my book~ The bigger, the fuller, the poofier, the better!
In all seriousness though, I'm a pretty open Roo, no judgement from me and I'm just happy to be here~ However, I have some rather
severe health complications, including Crohn's Disease, Arthritis, Chronic Insomnia, among others, so these days I'm not the most sociable
marsupial in the world, but I do what I can, and I ask you respect my limitations, thank you for reading!

  • Please don't start conversations in the Shouts, thank you~
  • I do not accept any instant messenger invites from people I do not know personally.
  • I do not RP anymore except on very rare occasion, please don't ask me to.
  • Do not send me FA notes for general conversations unless I personally know you.Any "Hello!" Notes will be ignored, sorry.

My Furry Family:



♥Awesome friends who weren't on here yet but deserved to be♥

If you're not on this list don't take offence to it, it's just a list.
These are just some awesome people I've known for a very
long time who I wanted to put up here.

▄■▌Forms & Refs▐■▄
(Yes I know I have a lot. For pictures sake, just use whatever you'd like or whatever's requested if anyone worries about it~)

▄■▌Roo Refs▐■▄

•○►Feral Roo◄○•

•○►My Normal Roo Form (Old Ref)◄○•
▼Current Normal Roo Refs▼
•○►Normal Clothed Roo | Normal Unclothed Roo◄○•

•○►My Floofy Dragon Form - On the Right◄○•

•○► My Kitten Roo Form - On the Right ◄○•

▄■▌Drake Refs▐■▄

•○►Clothed and Unclothed Kitty◄○•

▄■▌Jamie & Lee Refsheet▐■▄

•○►Couple's Refsheet◄○•

▄■▌Lemmy Refsheet▐■▄

•○►Normal Refsheet◄○•

▄■▌Ed Refsheet▐■▄

•○►Normal Refsheet◄○•

▄■▌Lop Refsheet▐■▄

•○►Normal Refsheet◄○•


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Updating my Weasyl (Posting a ton of stuffs)

on 19 March 2015 at 13:47:45 MDT

Going to be posting a ton of art that I've neglected to put on here due to being too busy, getting my Weasyl back up to date just as a precaution if FA goes all screwy with their latest updates 'n such.

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    Thanks! You've got a really cute character!

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      Daww, thank you kindly~! I love yours too, they're such a cutie ^w^ Makes me a happy Roo to hear someone as wonderful as you likes my big rooey Roo~

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    Your welcome~ uwu

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    No prob.

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    No prob~ and thank you for the faves! ^^

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    Hey! This might be a silly request, but would it be alright if I drew you something? I absolutely adore your character, and feel free to note/PM me and we can talk more? ;w;

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      Ooh, if you'd like to sure thing! I'll go ahead 'n note ya~ <3

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    Haaaaaiiiiii! <3