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If You Rest Your Beak In the Forest… by Roozard

If You Rest Your Beak In the Forest…


Does it make Cor's butt grow? …Yes, very much so~ At least when you're resting it cozily between his flowery antlers, that is…~ Looks like Cor can't seem to get through a single one of his woodland walks these days without something causing his rump to be blown wildly out of proportion… Seems this time Pitch decided to pop up with bouquet in wing, presenting the floral gift to the bashful elk before nestling his boney beak atop his head… Poor Cor, the blushy elk is so flustered he can't even move, or speak, I dunno if he's even realized his rump has already grown quite sizably larger than the rest of them both put together… At this rate I doubt he'll even be able to move by the time he can think coherently again, let alone be able to actually fit between the trees and waddle back home… Hope whoever owns this neck of the woods doesn't mind a huge clearing in the near future. 💦

(A bit of context: Cor's rump fattens and grows when he's given any sort of positive attention, affection doing so even more fervently! 💜)

🎨 The linework was drawn up by my wonderful Geckomania~ Pitch (The raven cutie) also belongs to her! I was surprised with this absolutely adorable piece 'n love seeing my new elk cutie's booty blimped with blubber while he's flustered from affection, so I colored it up 'n added in a setting as best I could~