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Big Rooberry's Strenuous Syrup Swelling by Roozard

Big Rooberry's Strenuous Syrup Swelling


Roo really likes the taste of blueberries, they're sweet, sugary, fruity, and just all around pleasant! But when Roo was told that blueberry syrup was a thing... matters got out of hand pretty quickly... Not only is he guzzling down innumerable gallons of the stuff with every passing minute, but his body has partially turned into a big bloated berry in turn! His own Rooberry frame is producing countless gallons of syrupy goodness with every moment that passes, and between his own productive immensity and the sea of syrup being pumped into him who knows just how huge his taut berry body will bloat to become! At least his pull-up padding is soaking up quite a bit of the juice, but it's already pretty saturated, it's only a matter of time until the entire surrounding area is flooded in sticky blueberry goodness, if Roo doesn't grow to engulf the entire area himself, that is! ..Hope that tenuously taut looking blueberry hide of his can hold it together, he's lookin' kinda tight there, sweating and straining to stay in one piece...

🎨 Linework by the wonderful Th_Neez (FA) 💙 This was an amazing gift from a while ago that I finally got around to coloring with a bit of help from Maggie on some of the details~ I can't even put into words how much I adore this piece and it turned out absolutely wonderfully, I'm so happy with it and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do~ 💙

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