Drake the Cat by Roozard

Drake the Cat


20 March 2015 at 10:26:29 MDT

Drake the Cat
8'8" Ft (He's a very large kitty~)
960+ Ibs (Tends to vary depending on the situation.)
Norwegian Forest Cat

This's my new kitty character, so wonderfully made with the help of Gecko~ I gave him some info to work with and details 'n such, and he brought him to life~

Drake's Details:

Physical Details:

Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat
Height: 8'8"Ft (He's a very large kitty~)
Weight: 960+ Ibs (Tends to vary depending on the situation.)
Gender: Male
Preference: Male

.-°Collar Info°-.

Constantly wears a crimson collar with a black flame in the middle and a single black line on either side of the flame. Though this has a tendency to pop off whenever he gains too much weight. Which is quite often.

.-°Attire Info°-.

Always wears blue jeans with a black belt and silver latch. With a brown jacket and black shirt with a single white stripe in the front. His shirt is more of a bra for his massive moobs with his belly sticking out.

.-°Hyper Productiveness°-.

While aroused, Drake is -extremely- productive, so much so that his package and length will swell up to absolutely ridiculously huge sizes if not 'emptied', and even if he does, they will still most likely expand to massive sizes. Drake by default has a hyper package.

.-°In-Depth Info°-.

Gay, caring and sweet, and very submissive (except when it comes to food). But loves to be flirty and show off his extreme heftiness by flaunting his rump and belly at others. He loves to stuff himself, or be stuffed to the brim with anything and everything from food, to other furs, to well.. just about anything, really. To the point where he is bigger than a house, if not more so. Also loves to hug people and squish them into his belly, possibly pudge voreing them, or sit on them, also sometimes resulting in AV. Loves to stuff people in his maw or naval as well as other places. Super affectionate and huggy and playful.


Loves to be the biggest around in all manners of speaking, fattest, tallest, everything like that. Adores to be inflated to any extent, including to the point where he's just a massive kitty ball. Loves to eat and eat with no signs of stopping, including up to the point to where he's just a colossal fluffy blob. Adores to show off his fatty paws and have them rubbed. Will stuff everyone and everyone in his maw, naval, or any other entry way if he's allowed to. He loves to burst out of his clothing most of the time, which is a common occurrence. Loves being force fed, forcefully inflated, people forcefully stuffing themselves into his maw, anything along those lines. Any and all kinds of vore. Most bondage stuff, being tied up while forcefully fed is a favorite. Loves to be macro as well, and absolutely adores being M-Preg, the more kittens he can have in his tummy, the better~ Loves to be treated as a pet. Loves some belly rubs or scritches. He also loves padding and sitting around being all poofy, the poofier it can be, the better~ Many more things, too much to list.


People taking his food or not allowing him it. Being smaller than others. Being skinny. Being vored by other people. Mean People. Diets (That don't consist of cake and cookies).


► Claws are dark grey.
► Paw pads are dark grey.
► Inside of maw and tongue is pink. (Normal colors)

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