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Super M-assive Shenanigans by Roozard

Super M-assive Shenanigans


19 September 2021 at 13:55:05 MDT

So... When one escapes into the multiverse turns out there's an endless amount of these tasty sparkly universe orbs you can gulp down... Only "problem" is one may underestimate just how fattening one orb can be... let alone several hundred...thousand...trillion... Maus is very dedicated to this bit, okay? Even if Ziti's starting to get fed up with it... not quite as fed as Roo is though~

🎨 My absolutely wonderful Geckomania drew this up for me as a birthday present back in July and I STILL can't get over how much I flippin' adore this asstronimical Roo rump, as well as the two cuties helping to make it all the bigger~ Thank you again hun~ πŸ’œ


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    So you're telling me, no matter how much he eats, there will always be 1 universe that is untouched, uneaten, for the rest of time

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      Because the multiverse truly is infinite and never ending

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        Oh no, Roo can absolutely manage to eat literally all of reality and everything that ever has, does, or will exist excluding himself

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          I'm not saying he can't. I'm just saying there is literally infinite infinities.
          But I'm sure you can eat it all :3