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Hot Air Birthday Roolloon Ride by Roozard

Hot Air Birthday Roolloon Ride


25 September 2021 at 11:24:05 MDT

Roo loves a good party, especially when he's large enough for it to take place on him~ Even more so when the party's for him to boot! To that avail Maggie saw fit to gather up a bundle of her cuties and help Roo enjoy a blimpy birthday bash high in the sky~ No telling just how much bigger that tail is gonna get by the time they're done, or how much more stuffed with sweets that tum is gonna get, but one thing's for sure -- they're nowhere near done having fun yet~ 💜

🎨 This adorable piece was made for me by my good friend Th_Neez as a birthday present back in July~ I'll never stop adoring every last bit of this and can't possibly say thank you enough~

Artist Upload: HERE (FA)~