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Sketch Commissions Open!

So my sister is in need, so let’s do this.

Here are the prices:

-Single character sketch: $6
-Add a character: +$3
-Add an scene: +$3

How to get a sketch commission:

-Leave a message (the option is just at the top right side of my main profile, where you click buttons for watch, friend, etc).
-Include a visual reference of your character, a description of what you like, your Paypal email address (I will create an invoice for you) and how much you like to donate (I’ll explain how this works below).
-Access to your Paypal, and check for the invoice, accept it, and wait for the magic to happen.

How the donation works:

-This is like, a “Pay What You Want” thing, the extra donation means I am putting extra effort on the sketch, at the point if the donation is very generous I’ll go crazy with details, clean the sketch to make it looks like a lineart and even give it some shading, in short, you get what you pay as in any PWYW commission.

Examples of how the sketches looks like:

The things I do:

-male and female.
-inflation themed pictures.
-Hyper proportionated.
well, practically the things I usually render, so yeah.

Remember if you can’t support with a sketch, spread the word, if I see support of any kind I’ll be happy.

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Character Model

Basic Model
from $ 120.00
to $ 180.00
Complex Model
from $ 180.00
to $ 500.00

Clothing and Accesories

from $ 20.00
to $ 300.00
from $ 20.00
to $ 150.00

Pictures and Animations

from $ 50.00
to $ 3000.00
Comics (price per page)
from $ 20.00
to $ 200.00
from $ 5.00
to $ 50.00
from $ 0.00
to $ 200.00
Sequences (price per picture)
from $ 2.00
to $ 40.00

A Character Model is a 3D mesh that represents your character in a scene, for any commission, you need a character model for start with the commission system. The model is saved on a folder under your name, so for any future commission you don't have to pay for the model again. The character is ready for be posed and even ready for animation works.

-A simple character it's relatively simple in details and texturing.

-A complex character has various details to take in mind, as texturing, hair, fluf, wings, and similar.

The model is nude and it can be dressed with any clothing you want. Any clothing and accessory you order for your character it's exclusive for each character.

The scenes are 3D meshes for compliment the pictures and animations, they can be something that simple as a platform with a background gradient to very detailed scenes with different props. The scenes are saved on the folder too, and they can be reused for any other commission at future.


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    UAGH, You fucked off of here as well!!
    It's a real pain in the ass trying to follow you on different sites, y'know?

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      True talk, I had this one acount active for quite a while, but I never posted any of the new material here, I always posted on my Tumbler by how easy and fast is to post there, and I have an incredible reach that I haven't achieved in this page. The simple reblog feature Tumbler offers, it's powerful, REALLY powerful, and even better, you don't even need an acount for see my content (even if the blog is marked as a Not-Safe-For-Work blog). Heck, I didn't even bothered writing a journal since the two years I joined this place.

      I cleaned up this gallery because the material was getting TOO old, obsolete, I even cleaned my Tumbler because of that, I improved quite a lot lately, but again, post here is quite the process that I don't want to pass for post a single picture (I got the bad habit from Tumbler, I guess).

      If interested, here: Just check that page for new material once a week, or whenever you remember, I don't post that often there, I even pass months without posting anything new.

      So if I decide to "fuck off" from anywhere, don't worry, it's as simple as type "anthroanim" on google, there's even an entire backup of all my old material on the FurAffinity backups and a post on as well

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        Lol, thanks dude~
        Guess, I'll just have to frequest tumblr a little more than.
        I actually checked your stuff out there a while back and noticed the change.
        It's really nice, but I admittedly miss the chunkiness of the old style. lol

        Thanks for the contact and redirection, as asshole-ish as my response was. XP

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    Thanks for all the love! I adore your renders <3

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    Hey, you still use this thing? Were you affected by the earthquake recently? Check in when you can.

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      I haven't posted here since more of a year, I already replied on Tumbler anyway.

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    Hope all is going well for you so far.

    I'm really sorry about my in attendance... My job always had me in bed early... X (