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Sketch Commissions Open! by Raptoranim

So my sister is in need, so let’s do this.

Here are the prices:

-Single character sketch: $6
-Add a character: +$3
-Add an scene: +$3

How to get a sketch commission:

-Leave a message (the option is just at the top right side of my main profile, where you click buttons for watch, friend, etc).
-Include a visual reference of your character, a description of what you like, your Paypal email address (I will create an invoice for you) and how much you like to donate (I’ll explain how this works below).
-Access to your Paypal, and check for the invoice, accept it, and wait for the magic to happen.

How the donation works:

-This is like, a “Pay What You Want” thing, the extra donation means I am putting extra effort on the sketch, at the point if the donation is very generous I’ll go crazy with details, clean the sketch to make it looks like a lineart and even give it some shading, in short, you get what you pay as in any PWYW commission.

Examples of how the sketches looks like:

The things I do:

-male and female.
-inflation themed pictures.
-Hyper proportionated.
well, practically the things I usually render, so yeah.

Remember if you can’t support with a sketch, spread the word, if I see support of any kind I’ll be happy.

Sketch Commissions Open!


5 September 2014 at 17:05:30 MDT

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    Good luck Raptor!