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WELCOME to my profile page!


To make a long story short~
I was born January 3, 1991.
I discovered the furry fandom on accident as a kid, in the early 2000's.
I had read the Vanity Fair article in 2001 and later the Something Awful article in 2004.
Instead of being turned away from it, I was intrigued, and eventually, just from my own interests, was sucked into this fandom~

As for my life. It's been hell, but I manage.
Was tough getting through school, but I did it, and in 2011, I joined the U.S. Navy.
I got a job as a CS, which was one of the best things in my life. Other than art, cooking is my passion.
I didn't spend a long time in, and only served the minimum four year service, and despite my short time in, I did get a fair bit of my own PTS.
It sucks. Combined with general stress that I have outside of life now, it's just another little part of what makes me, me.

Now that I'm out of the Navy, I'm living with my parents, helping take care of the house and the new kids, and currently starting school.
I'm planning on getting some degree of experience in the voice acting field, and maybe even getting some certifications for art fields, that can land me some nice jobs somewhere.


I am extremely protective of these people. Fuck with them and you're fucking with me.

ChristyKitsune ChristyKitsune
She did a lot for me and helped me out when I was in the Navy and just all around makes me feel better about myself. Especially when I was feeling down.
So now she gets free art all the time now~<3

Corro7 Corro7
He's my cutie sweetheart and I give him free art and snuggles all the time too~<3

Has been my sweet little pupper for a long time now~
Very much a former "student" who's gone past learning to better his own style. Which is what I absolutely love to see in an artist~<3

My cutie gote who I've known for a good while now~<3


I would really like to give a very big special thanks to CodyMcDowd for designing and selling me Kelly, who is a character I've loved for so long.


I don't have one style. More like many different ways of drawing. I find it fun to change things up every once in a while. :3
Early on, I got my style from artists...mainly Armorine, (But his old old style.) and TacoKurt (aka Felpur) and I kind spun off from that.
Not much to it. I try out a style and put my own spin on it. :p

I haven't changed this in years, but it helps to add a little bit more to it. My initial style that featured these artists has sadly been watered down a whole lot from the way my life has been run for past few years of when I was in the Navy and now.
Essentially, my style has changed A LOT and now resembles something else. I've been practicing shapes and lines from other artists I love, and have been implementing them into my own style.
I'm gonna tell you right now. I still have a good general sense of human anatomy in my work. I don't like doing that bad anatomy anime shit that certain artists do.

ANYWAY. I hope you enjoy the new me as much as I've had the disdain of building from the ground up.

But don't take my word for it! da nan dan!!


My family sucks. I'm trying to make money. Gotta pay bills and shit.
I'm depressed, suffering from the stupidest PTS anyone could imagine and I just want it all to be over.
What exactly? I don't fucking know.
Just know that with what's going on in my head, you don't want to be me.

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LIVE STREAM --as Tanookicatoon --as Tanookicatoon

Latest Journal

Furaffinity can go fucking die part two

on 15 June 2018 at 05:51:29 MDT

A whole four years later, and a new journal.


I plan on deleting everything I have here, and then starting over.
I've gone and archived EVERY SINGLE POST I have made on FA and plan on posting the entirety of it here.

I had originally planned on just cross posting everything,
but, FA has become a den of vipers, where the Admins allow large grey areas to allow pedophiles and nazis to promote their content, and views.

SO, I've finally had enough.

Ten long years on FA, and I'm FINALLY leaving.

Just gonna start fresh~

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    Hey there, thanks for paying attention to my developing scribbles, I appreciate it very much!

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    Thanks for following me. Not much into vore myself but I'm glad you like my stuff. :)

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