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Setting Up a Patreon Soon, Need Advice! (Please give me suggestions as well))

on 1 May 2018 at 13:36:10 MDT

Soo i'm gonna be setting up a Patreon hopefully some time this month or next. I've been thinking about it for a while and i really would like to start one. The reason is, i'm just gonna be honest. I'm really tired of doing commissions all the time. I never bother doing personal art cause i'm always needing to work on art for others to get the funds i need every month to keep my bills paid and such. I really would love more time to work on personal art cause i just feel burnt out on commissions all the time. I'd still be doing commissions. just not 24/7 like i am now x3x; But i'd love it if people could support me for doing some of my personal art. Think of it as a tip jar if anything and i wana make it 100% clear i do NOT Plan on pay-walling any of my art. But of course i do wana do some cool rewards to thank you guys for your support on this. so i want to make a suggest here for the patreon rewards . anyone's free to comment. weither you run your own patreon or not.

Can you guys suggest me good ideas for Patreon rewards? i wana make it clear, i do not want to pay wall any of my art. best i do is maybe release high rez or wips that will be finished or doodles i may never post.(cause there bad)

If you guys got ideas, give em too me! and thank you!

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