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Rinews - August 2017

on 20 August 2017 at 08:08:05 MDT

Holidays are ending. I'm kinda sad, furstrated and satisfied and the same time. I lack relaxing time. We worked on our house (we got the keys), we maried during a quite rainny day some days before that. We were exausted. Tomorrow I'll go back to work, when we still have to work on many things in our house and I'm not any relaxed. Rising our kids is as hard as the situation is complex for us those days. We hope in quite better days on late october.

Some weeks before, I've been diagnosticed as 'high potential' ('gifted") by a psychologist I'm meeting once a month. This is quite something for me. It doesn't mean I'm a genious nor I'm more inteligent than others. It means I don't think, feel and react like about 95% of human population. It made sense when I discovered it. I was looking for solutions for my child Felix at first, as he seemed to be especially hard to keep in class without behavior problems. It explains the terrific feelings I had when I was in school and even now, in my everyday life. It seems Felix (and may be Darius, my second son) is taking this way too. Add everything I wrote just before and now you can imagine me, burned and boiled, living everyday with a little 'bad trip' feeling keeping me numbed, disillusioned and devolved. But I'm working on myself as I can, keeping somehow confident, perspectives and patience regarding those coming weeks, helped by my wife. I know it could be far worst.

About art : I don't know where I'm going. Art goes with every other parts of my life. My job, my family, my free times etc. I Asked myself so many times in so many ways 'what art should I do that would make me and others feel happy ?' and now it is hard to find any answer as I haven't got much free time anymore. I'm feeling like being in a waiting room for months without being able to draw anything on a sketchbook. Fortunately I got the Furry Artist Wokshop in Nantes every 2 months but it's very insufficient. I think about organizing it every month in the future.

FR : Google translate est ton ami :)

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