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I'm a lazy man, who draws stuff.

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I should start posting here again.

on 10 November 2016 at 13:55:50 MST

I tend to forget Weasyl but I do like alot of features this site offers. Like making a profile picture for a submmission. It saves so much time and it looks great. I'll make a grand post again after I return.

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Pin-Up Commissions

$60 full render pin-ups or $40 colored sketch pin-ups.
$ 40.00

Please read the Rules to get a guideline of what to do and ask for. Thank you.

-Commissions are $60 for a single character Pin-Up. I am open to point of view, phantom cocks, or something similar for a drawing. My character interactions are still terrible and awkward in my opinion.

-You may send me a note via Furaffinity or other such sites like Tumblr/Twitter or social media apps like Discord. It goes without saying but, You must be 18 years of age or older to commission me, especially if if the commission is of lewd and nsfw material.

-Make sure you give me the details on the first note. DO NOT beat around the bush saying "Hi" or whatever and nothing else. First come, first serve. You want to make the FIRST note count. IF you don't that, you'll most likely not get a commission in time.

-I am also open to adding more than one character: $35 per character, up to 3 max. Again I warn that my character interactions are not the best at all, so if you want characters fucking or something, that might take longer to draw and might not come out to well.

-Backgrounds may vary due to different levels of difficulty. I'll try to be fair on the prices depending on difficulty.

-I will not do anything sonic related, hateful, gore, scat related, or anything that just does not suit my tastes, so keep that in mind.

-I have the right to refuse the commission if it's not for me.

-I'll need an your email to send invoices via paypal should I agree to the commission. Be sure to check your Emails regularly, so that I can't get feedback as fast as possible. When I send updates and I need feedback on them as soon as possible so that i may start the ful drawing itself.

-The commission slots are offered on a first come, first served basis. Once payment is received, I'll lock you into queue.

Just know you should only ask for a comm if you're really interested, otherwise maybe go for someone else, Pay another artist that might need it more or deserve it more than I. Thank you for you're consideration.


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    Lots of great work here in your inventory.

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    Eeep, Thanks for the fave ! :D

    I'm a huge fan of your art !!! (Following you over at FA) ^///^

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    omg yay you're here

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      Yep. I was mostly inactive when starting out but I've gradually made a comeback.

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        I welcome the return o3o/

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    wow mass upload lol

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    Thanks for the follow :D