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on 3 November 2014 at 06:24:28 MST
  • I do business via PayPal.
  • Girls/herms/futa are strongly preferred. ヽ(^∇^*)/ ゜
  • NSFW is totally okay. (Certain fetishes are not so okay, note me for more.)
  • Highest base cost is $50, which includes a full body shot of one character, fully coloured and shaded.
  • Lowest base cost is $10, which includes a bust of one character, sketchy or flat-coloured.
  • Additional characters and lots of details and stuff can bump up the price. (●´A`●)
  • But I’m open to haggling, and I won’t charge you until you’ve seen a rough sketch you’re happy with.
  • Check here for more in-depth information.
  • Also, being an awesome Patron can net you a discount on commissions! (〃ゝ∇・)ゞ
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    No problem. Apologies for lack of pics due being lazy. They're most in FA!

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    Wow, Weasyl's front page is an amazing place to be...

    I've found so many great artists just from randomly being on the home page...

    You're one of the better ones ^_^

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      agfsdfs no i am really not tho ;//A//;

      I still really have a long way to go, but thank you very much, I hope you enjoy your stay! ;v;

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        No really, you are! Your art style is so unique and visually stunning, somehow it manages to immerse me in a world of bright colors, adorable (big breasted) women, and a sense of surreal.

        I gave you a shoutout on Twitter,

        and am planning on, when I get money, possibly commissioning you to do art for my "Flamechild" art commission collection.

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          oh golly, you really didn't have to aaa thank you! ;//A//;

          I am just so, so glad you're able to enjoy my work like that. Just another silent watcher is always more than enough for me, so I really do appreciate it! ;v;

          And by all means, if and whenever you get ready, I would love to be able to contribute some art to your collection!

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    Heeeey x3 !! When I was trying out Weasyl out of curiosity, I just search through all the artist I had that posted that weasyl journal Recently xD And yea o/ ! Of course I'd watch you on here too~ You're art's unique x3 !

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      Well, I certainly appreciate having you both here and on FA! I hope you enjoy your stay~