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Raptoranim / 32 / Male / Ecuador

Commissions: Filled
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Sketch Commissions Open!

So my sister is in need, so let’s do this. Here are the prices: -Single character sketch: $6 -Add a character: +$3 -Add an scene: +$3 How to get a sketch commission: -Leave a message (the option is just at the top right side of my main profile, where you click buttons for watch, friend, etc). -Incl…

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Terrible Commentary Skills

I just bad at commenting. I wish I can comment more. Let's reply some more comments, so what's up there?

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Tapping around here

so, how things going? I just took myself two weeks , but not of vacation, for finish what it has to be done, at least with the things I finished in this time I secured my year of profits. I'll see to do a lazy render or two now I have done many of the things I had to done. After everything is ready…

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Suggest Suggest Suggest

Suggest something. Suggest something you like to see more in my gallery. like, whatever you want me to do and I have not done before, or I do just a few. What fetish should I do? I want to go out of responsibilities for a bit, I had too much workload in the past and I want to do random stuff for a…

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Animations are up

or at least most of them. I don't upload some of the old-old ones, since they looks bad.

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I don't like this, but I have to do the Meme thing.

How tall are you? 5’6" What's your natural hair color? Black What's your eye color? Black What's your orientation? Straight, fan of the ladies What do you do in your spare time? Work What's your job or occupation? 3D modeller, all kind of fields, experienced in architecture What do you like about y…

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Well gee!

I was expecting to put some good quality stuffs in here, but I think I have to wait a little more for that... Considering I am having a huge backlog of commissions and stuff like that, because I really want to give some movement to this account, and because considering many people are migrating to…

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Yes, I am here too

Yes, I am that guy. That guy that play with the polygons. I am going to announce this page on my commission profile on FurAffinity later. I did it because all the cool guys are doing it. I'll post stuff soon, it will be a copy-cat of my commission account. Maybe I am going to use this profile just…