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I'm Lem, i'm 20, agender, Pansexual, Taken, And I have a SUPER horrible memory! So If I forget something, PLS remind me!!

I'll mostly be posting YCHs, Adoptables, commissions and a few personal pieces!

Commissions are OPEN! <3


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Commission Terms of Service

I posted this on my Furaffinity, so I thought I might as well post it here too!

☆ 。 ◦ ° ˚☆ Still editing ☆ ˚ ° ◦ 。☆

☆Terms of Service☆
1. I have the right to refuse service.
2. You must understand that I draw slower than most artists, and that real life gets in the way sometimes so commissions may come out slower than expected. If you are concerned, I WILL respond to polite messages and I will send a WIP of your commission if asked.
3. Be patient with me. Sometimes I don't understand what you're trying to tell me, and I like to ask a lot of questions to get a better understanding of what you want.
4. Yes, you may post your commission to your profile. Just credit me! Linking the original piece is also preferred, but not mandatory. :)
5. The way I work on commissions is either: Older to Most Recent OR constantly work on the Hardest comm while also working on easier comms. Sometimes I have to take an entire week off, but i'll post a journal before hand a few days prior.
6. Because of my condition, I have break days. These are Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Sunday is an optional break day in case I still need to de-stress.
7. I would heavily prefer to have the payment sent to me before I get started, but I will settle for half first then the other half sent after the art is done. There will be a big repeating watermark all over the piece saying "NOT PAID FOR", but will be removed once the payment is sent.
8. Refunds are pretty rare, and will not be given after your commission is colored. Or if you give a valid reason.
9. Yes, I will draw my OC's with yours, and yes it can be NSFW! :3
10. I overestimate myself a lot more than i'd like to admit... Sometimes I think I can do something in just a few days to a week but ends up being 2 weeks to a month. (This doesn't include comms with a deadline!)
11. Ok this one isn't necessary, but it's a preference of mine. When you commission me, be casual with your comments/messages! Typing too professionally makes me uncomfortable for some reason. I like to type like i'm talking to a friend! I also like to use smileys sometimes, fair warning. o:

☆What I Will Not Draw☆

  • Vore
  • Pedophilia
  • Some fetishes (ask first!)
  • Guts and Gore (blood itself is fine)
  • Multiple characters wearing armor (one or two characters are fine, but will take a while.) or wielding weapons with complicated designs. (guns, lasers, ect)
  • Ask me if you aren't sure!


  • USD through Paypal only

☆How to "Order"☆

  • Send me a note with references of the character(s) you'd like to use, and details of what you want!
  • Tell me if you would like to pay in full before I get started, or if you want to pay half now and the other half later.
  • I will try to update you weekly on the progression of your commission!

☆Estimated Completion Time☆

  • YCHs will take 5 days to 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the piece and amount of orders I receive.
  • Custom commissions will take 1 week to 1½ months depending on the complexity of the piece and amount of work I have.
  • Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are work days. From noon to 5pm, and from 9pm to 1am.
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