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Hello and welcome to my page!
More about me, you ask? I suppose I'm not too exciting, just a furry trash lord with a passion for art and story-telling. My wonderful partners are what keep me going so I can do what I do best! I am an animal artist and work in a variety of styles and mediums, primarily digital. If that kind of thing interests you feel free to look around and stay a while!

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Latest Journal

Life Update + Another Art Flood

Woof a lot has happened since I was last active here. Most notably, my husband and I moved all the way from Texas to Nevada. Drove the whole way -wheezes- For the time being we're just trying to pay off debts and save up as much money as possible, living with a friend while we do so. Once we do we'll get a place of our own and head back to Texas to get our little one, who is currently staying with family, and all the rest of our furniture.
So yeah, that's HUGE. The job my hubby got makes enough that I can still stay home and look after things around the house, which means more alone time to hopefully get art stuff done, and get the ball rolling on plans I've had for a while. I'm working on a few adopt bases as well to try and make some money on the side to help, so get ready for those~
Once again I seem to have neglected FurAffinity and Weasyl, so today I'm gonna be uploading and catching up to my DeviantArt. I need to stop doing that ahhhh

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    Thanks for the follow. :)

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    You're welcome

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    Thank you for the watch!

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      My pleasure! I really enjoy that you post bagbean art here, it seems like there's not too many people who do that ;v;

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    Hello! Nice to see another FV player! I'm dreamsthefox on FV.

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      Ah hello! Sorry for the late reply, I'm not very active here x3

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    fluffy fluffy sheep

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      The best kind of sheep~