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Commission Terms of Service

I posted this on my Furaffinity, so I thought I might as well post it here too! ☆ 。 ◦ ° ˚☆ Still editing ☆ ˚ ° ◦ 。☆ ☆Terms of Service☆ 1. I have the right to refuse service. 2. You must understand that I draw slower than most artists, and that real life gets in the way sometimes so commissions may…

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It's been a while!

I honestly forgot this website existed haha! I'll try to be more active here though. I'll mostly post personal stuff and Weasyl commissions (if I get any lol) I won't post Weasyl commissions on Furaffinity unless instructed, and vice versa. I'm more active on FA, so go watch me there! http://www.fu…

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Queue is cleared! Give me more to do!

My commission queue is cleared up! And I'm in need of $20+ for some winter clothes! I have a couple of long sleeve shirts and one jacket :'( If you want to commission something specific from me, here are my Commission Prices! http://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/lemursandskeletons/ Or if you want…

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Whoops! I guess I forgot to post here too ;u; I'm usually busy with Furaffinity haha Anyways! Long story short, the paypal I was using (my moms old one) was taken and I'm not able to get it back, BUT I'm able to use my friend's paypal until I can get my new one to work! Its been a real rough couple…

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Updating Commission prices!

My prices have been basically the same for years (with a few tweaks here and there), So I think it's about time to update them! My art style has improved, and I think i'm now worth just a little more than I've been putting out. It's not a drastic change, everything is still pretty cheap. uvu New Pr…

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whoops (do I owe you art?)

I forgot this website was a thing ;v; I hope I'm not forgetting someone's commission!! If I owe you art, please let me know!!!

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SUPER delighted and grateful for all the commission requests I received, but I think I took in too many haha;; I really need to stop doing that. >w>;;; HOPEFULLY I'll be able to get them all finished by around this time next week! I'll take more commissions when I'm done with at least a few I alrea…

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Need a quick $20!

I'm applying at jobs at my mall and most of the stores' employee dress code require to be fashionable. I mainly need some cute shorts and shoes, but I don't have quite enough money... 。 ◦ ° ˚☆ Commission Prices ☆ ˚ ° ◦ 。 Icons $2 Sketches (colored +$1) $1 Line Art $2 Chibis $3 Bust/Head Shot $4 Wai…

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New (bulsh*t) Paypal policy!!

!!!PLEASE READ THIS!!! https://twitter.com/BITTER_TEEN/status/746035829387079680 the jist: Paypal has added the option for “digital adult content”. DON'T CLICK IT. It will shut down your account! Now, I don't know if it includes art, but just to be safe!!

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I DEEPLY apologize for being so slow with commissions! I keep having last minute plans and I spent most of my free time working on that ref sheet ;n; I'll have everything done by this weekend! I promise! Also, if you're interested, I also have a Furaffinity! http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lemursan…

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Slashed Prices!!

Help me get more clothes! I I don't have enough summer clothes and the weather is getting HOTTER! I'm dying! Please help me out! I'd appreciate it greatly!! <3 Icons $1 Chibis $2 Sketches $1 Line Art $1 Bust $2 Waist Up $3 Full Body $4 Custom Adopts $6 Chibi Ref Sheets $4 Ref Sheets $6 Fully Render…

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I finally got my commission prices set up on my page! But I haven't figure out how to do it well... >w>;;; Here's my prices to where it's easier to understand! Icons $2 Sketches (colored +$1) $1 Line Art $2 Chibis $3 Bust/Head Shot $4 Waist Up $5 Full Body $6 Fully Rendered (fully shaded with backg…