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No longer active here

on 19 May 2018 at 13:12:12 MDT

Starting June 1st 2018 6/1/2018
I will no longer be posting across mutliple art community sites like I use to
and wanted to let everyone know where I will be active, so no one will follow or expect updates on these soon to be
Inactive accounts. This decision was made from being able to manage many of these external sites
and because there is almost no activity on them from the community and I prefer how
the other main sites I will remain on function overall and would like to focus on them.

I apologize for those that prefer these other sites I will no longer be active on but I think it would be for the best.
I hope you consider the many other amazing sites that will help me deliver quality content <3

Below will be all of the sites i will be active on and what can of updates everyone can expect as well as the ones i will not be active on.
Discord is the best way to contact me Discord: Zingiber#7869

Join my magical meme land, filled with a place to troll and have fun!

(◕‿◕✿) 18+ only!!! [color=#F5827D]↠

Sites I will always be active on:
↠ Furaffinity:

(My prefered and main site, I will always be active in the community here and chat, upload art and troll ya ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

↠ Twitter:

(Updates, raffles & those dank memes)

↠ Picarto:

(Streaming art, music & having a good ol time occasionaly with mic and cam)

↠ Tumblr:


↠ e621:


↠ DeviantArt:


↠ F-List:

(I will be creating all the kinks/bios of my characters & husbands characters)

↠ Youtube:

(Future plan to make videos)

Sites I will no longer be active on:

↠ Inkbunny (Inactive)

↠ SoFurry (Inactive)
↠ Furiffic (Inactive)
↠ Weasyl (Inactive)
↠ FurryNetwork (Inactive)

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