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Lachland fell out of the stoopid tree

and hit every branch on the way down....

Lachland is both a floor wax and a breath freshener!

Buy Lachland before midnight and recieve 38% more cognitive dissonance in alternating previous years in time zones where legal and/or impossible.

For binding points read ninja print that follows....


Don't say you weren't warned.

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A Brief History Of my Art You Grew Up Watching

A Brief History Of my Art You Grew Up Watching

(re-post of FA journal - some background info on me....get to know sans meme)

So....i started in the animation biz when i could barely shave...wasn't a desired career at all. i had self-trained to be a comic-book artist, then went to college to be a fine artist....When my best friend died from cancer/primitive-chemo-therapy i went into the animation biz to help raise money for a memorial exhibit of his paintings....sort of ended up staying there for a long time....was a decent living, and i liked being a Children's Entertainer....

Here's a brief list of some of the stuff i did that you might have grown-up with or seen etc....

i'm missing stuff here - i just put this list together from memory - i'm sure i'm forgetting stuff - will revise list later....

models and props

Goldie Gold
Richie Rich

Freelance illustration....


Masters Of The Universe (He-Man) Season 1 onward...

layouts and models

Prarie People
(both series never made it to completion - L'oreal bought Filmation for it's library and shut down production overnight without warning)

Freelance Illustration for Twilightzone Magazine, Midnight Graffiti Magazine, etc...

models, series development, video-covers, posters

Smurfs (time travel series)
Gravedale High (model revisions and expressions, models, props)
Tom and Jerry Kids
Hallmark Fairy Tales – vid covers
Darkwater – vid covers

(series development - )
Cadillacs And Dinosaurs (HB lost project due to editorial conservative revisions)
Speed Racer (HB lost project due to low budget bid from other studio)
Space Ghost (no net work interest)
Bette Midler – Tooth Fairy (Midler and Networks low interest)
Dinosaurs Rule (HB trying to recycle Cadillacs And Dinosaurs ideas – no Network interest)
Evil, Mean, Wicked and Nasty ( evil comedic trolls – no Network interest)

(development, supervisor, art director - )
The Halloween Tree
(pulled from project to save over-budget failed redesign of Captain Planet - )

Captain Planet (redesign of all DIC models – new models and props – supervisor)

Fish Police (expression sheets, model and prop supervisor)
attempted prime-time adult show – time slots and days for every first five shows bounced around,
so no one knew when it was on – pre-empted for sports special, etc – ratings disaster – remaining two episodes didn't air

Posters for Fintstone's Christmas Carole, Yogi's Arabian Nights, Pagemaster, etc...

Freelance for Warner's Tiny Toons – models – a couple episodes

Moved to Canada -

Bardel – series development -
Johnny Lightning
Cyber Shogun Warriors
etc etc – lots of projects
Storyboards – Bruno The Kid, etc

Studio B – storyboards
Mightyducks episode 1
The Mask - Channel Surfer episode

layouts on German feature animation “Werner 2” - end sequence

Barking Bulfrog Prod. -
Savage Dragon – She-Dragon episode
Disney's Doug....too many episodes, including end sequence on feature...
expressions and poses sheets for Sabrina The Teenage Witch – and lots of storyboards for that
a few series development projects that went nowhere...
a bunch more projects there....

Nelvana – storyboards (bunch of episodes on each series)
Rescue Heroes
Tales From The Crypt Keeper
Elliot The Moose
George Shrinks (season 1)
Redwall – Martin The Warrior
George Shrinks (season 2)

Bardel – storyboard

Prolly much other stuff....hard to keep track of it all....

i did hundreds of comic book pages of my own superhero/sf characters before starting college...prolly best that never sees the light of day....

Then semi-retired to pursue my own projects – would rather work some day-job stuff and use desk-time for my graphic novels...Emma&Ash, Willa&Tad&MissBillishire, Azha, etc etc

And i still occasionally do fine art, fractals,

And i like to cook, bake, garden...

and the kitsune thing



busy busy busy....

in a zen still sort of way

  • l. ^_^

Addendum: Don't bother looking for the lachland name on any of that.

As i've said before "Lachland Nightingale" is my online art nom-de-plume - a pun on when and where i work - i live above a lake and work on my art mostly at night and there are fairly frequent gale force winds here...

Art director credit on Halloween Tree probably went to whoever replaced me when i had to save Captain Planet (not my choice).

i probably didn't get credit on Mighty Ducks episode 1 either as i quit that project after a week or so - i told them i hadn't done adventure boards before and i'd just moved up from the states and didn't know a dang thing about hockey....they didn't listen.

Did some random video game design stuff as well for Bardel, Natterjack, etc.

On Martin The Warrior there were two (or was it four?) boarders/teams - we each did everyother script...i did mostly the badguys and the troupe of actors....One of the funnest shows i've worked on. Too bad the animation was rather poor...

And longest time to wait to see folks get a little joke...but worth the wait:
At 2:18. Gee, i wonder who did that....? (....whistles innocently....)

Two big disappointments :

Having to leave Halloween tree before it got into full production - the basic style got changed a bit, dumbed down from a more unique look.

The other was that Bardel in partnership with Cinar were developing Mark Crilley's Akiko as an animated series -my favourite comic book at the time - and i was in charge of adapting the art. Did some beautiful work on that - Then Cinar got caught cooking their books on some other live-action production - got all production shut down by the courts -etcetcetc - and Bardel couldn't even buy out Cinar's share - so the project got put on hold and eventually cancelled. It looked gorgeous.It would have been a hit. Waaaaahhh! ...oh well...

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    ♥Just wanted to say thank you for watching my gallery here & wish you a great weekend!♥

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    You should port over your "bunnies on the roadside" pictures, I always thought those were the cutest things.

    Also, hello!!

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      Ha! i wuz in an anti-fave shelter at the time (wife telling me what to get done around the house) so your fave bombing didn't inflame my ego at all! (Rubs side) not much...

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        "(wife telling me what to get done around the house)"
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          You poor happy one warned us happiness would be like this....^ ^

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            Got that right! :-D
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