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Nichole - Gotcha!!?! by Lachland-Nightingale

Nichole - Gotcha!!?!


29 June 2016 at 21:47:35 MDT

From Oct/Nov '13...Jirris' adorable blue skunk Nichole in the old (pre-expansion) style.

I had always wanted to draw her so i wuz jazzed when he commissioned me...and i rushed and did some poses...and then some more...and...nope. Just not happening. I was baffled – why wasn't it working ? Then the clouds parted, horns blared and i appeared to myself in a vision saying “Because they're just 'poses' - she isn't doing anything, you shmuck!!! Tell me a story!” And then the vision of myself slapped me and disappeared.

So i went with a sort of 40's cartoon style scenario – Nichole having a picnic, trying to enjoy her pie when a pesky squirrel shows up....Here she thinks she has trapped the pest under the pie lid (not such a bright idea) and lifts it up to find him gone. Etcetcetc, Hi-jinx ensue, with everyone eventually being covered with pie.

This piece actually started off as a digital colour ruff – then went backwards (so to speak) to become a real media pencil pic intended to go back to the colour version...

but...i couldn't quite figure out the lighting on her yellow pink polkadot outfit – sunlight hi-lights, duh, but there's lots of indirect light from the sky (blue), bounce light off the grass (yellow green), and the blanket (pink) makes white light???? Took ahile for my tiny brain to realize that the bouce light in closest proximity (the pink blanket) would take precedence – hence her being underlit with pink light.

The background also surprised me by taking on a sort of ancient Chinese colour harmony...

And then i had to keep there from being too many colours fighting for dominance – red, blue, yellow, green – so i toned down all the saturations/chromas and created a limited gamut of hilite colours...

Then the problem of the psuedo-rhododendrons – i had intended to leave them suggested in the pencil and have more of their foliage painted in...but just how....hrmmm...

Oh yeah, and at one point Gimp crashed (left it on over night) and i lost a few hours work...(stooopid!)...

And i wanted the painting to have some tight details and some rough areas...

Then i re-did the polka dots a couple times...grrrr...

Anyway....i think this is final version. For now. Maybe. I don't rule out trying to rework this or that somewhere down the road...

Pencil 11x 17 in. (June /// Sept 13)
PaintshopPro 7 and Gimp 2.8 (Sept – Nov 13)

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    Somehow feels that she would have noticed that squirell crawling up her backside to get that pie though...

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      The idea was that she had just slammed the pie lid down thinking to trap the pesky squirrel - the jolt going through her arm and her sense of triumph distracting her from the fact that the little rodent had slipped out before the lid came down and zipped up her side to grab her pie as she was shouting "Gotcha!!!"

      Puzzled, looking around, Nichole then picks up he piece of pie and nearly chomps down on the squirrel -with mutual shrieks, pie and squirrel are tossed straight-up into the air; pie lands on Nichole's head (due to force of Comedic Gravity) and squirrel plummets down between her bubbies (C.G. again).

      Nichole then tries to squeeze him out by the Double-Handed Breast Clamp Manoeuvre, but due to the force of Equal and Opposite Comedic Reaction this results in squeezing herself out of the top of her tank-top - and shooting the squirrel out of the bottom of her tank-top like a furry little bullet to ricochet off the pic-nic blanket up under her skirt.

      Ten minutes of topless shrieking, jumping up and down, wriggling, skirt flapping follows, followed by another five minutes of shrieking, rolling in the grass, legs and tail flailing about.

      We then cut a "later" scene with a blissed-out Nichole and squirrel sharing a cigarette. Iris out to "The End". Classic late '30s cartoon.

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        Quite the scenario. Sounds like you set up a lot of your pictures within some sort of overall canon, would love to hear more about it.