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Getting people to move to Weasyl

on 24 January 2014 at 21:50:12 MST

So, what I've been thinking about is how to get more artists engaged and moved to Weasyl, because there's a chicken and egg problem here; watchers follow their artists, but also, artists follow the crowd. It's a lot easier to focus on getting individual artists to want to switch than it is to move the crowd entire, so I've been trying to think of ways to get more artists to either switch entirely, or start maintaining presences on both sites.

Right now, mostly what I'm doing is going to artists I like who haven't weighed in yet, and asking them if they have a Weasyl yet, just to put it in their mind that there's someone who would like to see them there. If they're receptive, I let them know about Waxpost and other tools to make it easy for them to maintain presences on both sites.

Since Weasyl is both a better site and, well, not run by idiots and abusers like Dragoneer et al it is an inherently good thing to get people to switch. But I also understand why people are conservative and resistant to changing. When commission income is your main or only source of income, I totally respect people being very careful about disrupting it.

Does anyone have any better ideas for helping this along? Positive ways of getting more people to want to switch? Once that critical threshhold of 50% of FA's traffic is passed, it's all downhill from there; it starts being reasonable for people to transfer here entirely on its own merits. Right now, about 1/3 to 2/5 of FA's peak traffic has moved here to Weasyl. So that tipping point is getting close...

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