Patches and Zack - WIP by Lachland-Nightingale

Patches and Zack - WIP


26 January 2014 at 19:33:12 MST

Work In Progress - working on a dozen pics at once right now, as usual....

i have a few random series of pictures based on common themes - Kitties In Space, Bunnies On The Roadside, etc....not exactly stories but suggesting stories the viewer can fill in....i'll be posting these as i go...Sappo requested that start posting the BOTR

Going back the "Great Depression" again...somewhat inspired by the occupy movement...i didn't want to romanticize homelessness, although Patches seems content with a can of beans, a scraps fire, her dog, a cigar and and a bottle of moonshine - ...but i think she would rather have a warm bed, a way to earn a living, friends, healthy food, etc etc etc...She's young, strong, adventurous and thinks she'll find her chance and make good. And because she lives in my little story world, she will find a happy ending.

Real world version is a nightmare not an adventure. Sorry had to say that. This is a fun fantasy, suggests adventure story - just didn't want to imply i was going "Oh those happy carefree hobos!!!"...

First new pic in the Bunnies On The Road series...don't know if there will be more...

BTW, even though this is a WIP there is a high level of detail and texture in parts, so full view and enlarge or download if you want....


pencil approx 8 1/2 x 11 inches
a couple hard light layers in PainterX

new work done in PaintshopPro 7
and Gimp 2.8

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    Nice work with the coloring. Really captures the mood well in this image.

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    Looking pretty good so far!