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Autumn Neauvou by Lachland-Nightingale

Autumn Neauvou


Been awhile since i posted here. Just been horribly busy. Will try to do better...Anyway....

This was for Rebby – her Autumn Prideaux fursona. Rough sketches started in March 2011 and piece was finished Late September 2012.

This pic went through a lot of revisions - changed angle of face, changed size of feather thing... (i think i redrew it in detail about six times, adjusting this and that....)...

Problems occurred with this as my original concept of the colouring seemed to have the colours all over the place, lacking unity to the pic. This and the next version maintained the original colouring, but tossed out the background, replacing it with some variations on a fractal i did about four years ago (in Apophysis)- the colours just happened to right and brout it back to some unity...

me being me, i might do yet another ink version later....While 11x17 might seem a good size for a pic, her face is still just 1x1 inch....Still, i'm rather pleased with this....

Inks done with sakura and staedtler pens 11x17 inches
Colour done in Gimp....yep. Gimp.... ^_^

Autumn Prideaux belongs to Rebby:

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    Wow! Very lovely, both character and background. :)

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    Woahhh <3 So lavish and festive

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      Once in awhile ya gotta go with the whole peace and love and happiness thingy..... ^_^

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    Gorgeous!! I love seeing art that's a combination of traditional and digital media. Love love LOVE the outfit too! <3