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Krafty's July 2019 Journal

on 10 June 2019 at 20:05:33 MDT

Heyah, world! It's my monthly journal for June 2019. I'm still wrapping up my last paid commission, a mega-hyper-multi-herm-taur-a-pede lioness for Maloo. Check below to find out what I'm working on after that. =)


Potential July Commissions:

I'll pick my favorite 3 of these commissions in early July if all goes well. Let me know before then if you want you idea thrown in. You can check my commission prices on my "clean" account:


  1. Chonky, anthro, walaby (m) obliterates his desk chair
  2. Slovenly, hyper, anthro, fox-oid (m) took too many supplements
  3. Feral, hyper lion (m) & house cat (f) spoo-flation
  4. Human (m) smooshed under a hyper-chonk Ursula (f)
  5. Human (m) being chased by hyper-chonk human (f)

    Post-Patreon Prizes:

    Just 4 prizes left to finish before I start taking more than 3 commissions per month! I can TASTE this finish line!

1. Macro Maze Hero (for Potzi) - needs Potzi's inks, all color color, & a background
2. Locker-Room Succor (for Mike Fang) - needs ink on the 6 characters and their colors
3. Busty Sphynx Brain-flation #5 (for HP) - needs inks and colors

4. Busty Sphynx Brain-flation #6 (for HP) - needs inks and colors


Other Gift Arts:

Much like my friends, I'm too damn generous by half. X3


  1. Two Balloonie Woozles (for Unit) - needs drafting
  1. Gunslinger Pin-up (for Drake Cervantez) - needs drafting


Big Comic Project: Let's Bounce!
I'm nearly done with the script for the sprawling second page, having already completed the others (pages 1 and 3). I aim to finish the rough draft and set to inking it by July.


After All That ... My Magnum Opus!

Once the bulk of the above work is nearing completion, I'll be cluing the world into my next major project, the very thing that will hopefully let me transition from making a living by commissions of other people's ideas and characters to making a living off my own original content! GET ... EXCITED!

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      Heyah, man! Thanks for watching. It's nice to see you here.

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    Hi Krafty, excellent work. :3

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      I certainly shall continue to do so, I have no doubt! Also I regret not pouncing on you for a Whovian commission at Anthro New England earlier this month. I keep pondering all the ways I could 'massage the canon.' =^_^=

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        There's plenty of ways one can find their own way to add some flavor to things they like... variety is the spice of life... :3