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Dook (Carpetshark Studio) / Male / Birthplace of Freedom, MA

In The Darkest Hour... Hope Springs Eternal!
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A white sable ferret with dark markings of various talents, namely definitely of the visual artistic variety. This guy enjoys putting pencil to paper and doodling... sometimes finished pics come about through this process!

Avid cosplayer and a fursuiter as well, general geek/nerd and big shout out to the 10th Doctor.

Feel free to say hello and enjoy what is around here... maybe you'll catch me at an upcoming con going under:

Carpetshark Studio.

If you enjoy my work I would be grateful if you considered becoming a Patreon.

A cup of Ko-fi is always greatly appreciated... Do art (or silly things) quicker with more energy!

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Latest Journal

Cat's Out of the Bag...

I've made it no real secret that there's been a cheshire cat prowling around in my submissions & commissioned artwork with Ralkor. Suffice to say this cat is out of the bag & making it officially known. For the longest time Dook has been the sole face I've been known in the fandom by... but since ~2013 another character had been rattling around in my head & Norumeron was born of that inspiration. Created out of my love of Alice in Wonderland, more specifically design undertones from American McGee's gothic take on the classic theme.

This isn't saying that I'm pulling a "Artist Formerly Known As..." stunt. I have no intention to shelve Dook, or changing/redirecting all social media on various sites/galleries. But essentially like many folks who have various OC's, Norumeron is basically one more flavor option (no real difference in personality/disposition). I don't really have exactly a big elaborate backstory for him... One day I may wrack my brain & come up with something that fits.

So feel free to refer to me as either Dook or Norumeron, I'll happily answer to both... I'm mostly wanting to not confuse folks if they see a lot more of the cheshire cat in my own work or commissioned pieces. Or if they see one name vs the other on various sites like VRChat & gaming handles etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings here & more officially introducing Norumeron. Just one more service/flavor from me. 😸🎨

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Rough Sketch
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Telegram Stickers

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    I like your pics

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      Glad you enjoy my work! :3

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    No probs, and great style by the way!

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      Thanks! Always a continual work in progress though :3

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    Thanks for da watch :>

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      Well nice to enjoy admiring another artist's work and learning as well.

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    Thanks for the follow! :>

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    Long time no see :1