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My name is L. Jay Echoes. I'm a writer/artist/composer with a penchant for mischief and heckling. I tend to rock the boat with my hysterical individuality and savage indecision, but deep down, I'm very flexible and accommodating.

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Itenerary for September-December:
• Complete "Baa Baa Bald Sheep"
• Complete 2 other writing prompts
• Write a few Arizona Fairy Tail installments
• Write and submit at least 2 NoSleep stories
• Write prose poems for the furs I've met

Commissions are open. Just inform me and I'll get back to you.


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Closing Networking Season: A Rocky and Rigorous Journey

on 21 July 2018 at 11:57:04 MDT

I'm about to close networking season, not out of stress, but I'm only two points away from completing my itinerary. Over the past couple of months, I joined several telegram chat groups and discord servers, met many people (including a few overseas, which is huge), and learned a lot more about myself. I wanted to build up my face-to-face relationships alongside my internet relationships. In doing so, I really got in touch with my need for support, my need to discharge pent-up emotions, and my fears of becoming somebody that I really don't like.

Now, I know there may be some people I've butt heads with reading this, but I'm glad that we had these disputes; I even with conflicts we're still resolving, I do think I've learned what people are and are not willing to put up with in general. And the support I've met with has been wonderful. Truly, interacting with all of you has renewed my faith in human kindness.

Now, I'll be working on short stories for the rest of the year with a little art and music (and definitely some out-hanging). I'm going to start by analyzing short stories and posting my analyses mainly on tumblr. Throughout, I'll be reconstructing my means of writing a story and posting the process online as well, not to mention, getting back on track with the essay I mentioned.

I'll also be reopening art comissions. I'll need to update the panels to include Sketch prices, but the prices themselves will remain the same ($7 - $30) until art season actually begins again.

At any rate, hope everyone's summer has been as eventful as, if not moreso than (or, if you prefer, less so than) mine has been.

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