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Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to the Grimmorum of the Bat, my online gallery of works yet to bloom.

While my gallery mostly has drawings in it (as that was my first area of interest), I also write and compose. My literary interests are in surrealism, new weird, cartoon sci-fi/fantasy, philosophical, and horror. My biggest literary influences are Lemony Snicket, C. S. Lewis, Lewis Carroll, Agatha Christie, Saki, Neil Gaiman, and Gregory Maguire. My musical interests mainly lie in Indie rock and video game music. My biggest influences there are They Might be Giants, Nobuo Uematsu, John Williams, and Danny Elfman.

I like to deliver as wide a variety as possible in all my art forms. I like to practice stylistic emulation when I write, and that includes imitation of my earlier (incomplete) work. One of my life goals is to complete every story I have ever started, including the ones I "gave up" on before I started college in 2008.

Except for the last 10 days of the year, I am always open for commissions. Be sure to read over my Terms of Service at


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Priorities and Focus

on 29 October 2020 at 08:05:35 MDT

The load of projects I've drowned myself in has thrown my entire focus out of wack. Here is a list of them that I've come up off the top of my head.

-My 2nd Novel, An Arizona Fairy Tail
-At least 15 different Nosleep stories
-10 Regular stories
-My fursuit, 4th revision
-A dragon-themed fursuit
-Covers of a bunch of songs
-Original songs I want to write
-Fat drawings
-Muscle Drawings
-Character drawings
-What's left of my interest in Inktober.
-The 300 or so books I'd like to eventually read
-My personal mascot-themed mask based on my college's mascot bulldog

You get the idea.

Welp... I need to focus, so... I'll only be doing one thing for each category, commissions notwithstanding.

-Literature: An Arizona Fairy Tail
-Art: Bulldog Face Mask
-Music: Uploading all the music I wrote before finishing Highschool
-Sewing: The Dragon Mascot
-Reading: All the books I borrowed from my parents

Yup. I don't think the bulldog face will take too long... but I need to get my act together. Driving me out of my mind here.

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