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Just an elk who likes big things and drawing them.


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Updated Commission Info and Color

on 24 November 2020 at 10:00:12 MST

I first offered commissions around two and a half years ago, as an experiment. I didn't expect to see much interest, and things were slow at first, but eventually I started receiving more and more of them to the point they became a majority of the art I worked on. I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who's commissioned me so far; your patronage has been valuable not only financially, but has helped me improve my drawing and spread my art to a wider audience.

I wanted to revisit my pricing and firmly establish my guidelines as a new year approaches. There's a few aspects of the commissioning process I've come across over the past couple years that I'd like to smooth out, hopefully. I've looked over the commission guidelines of some other artists, and would like to take a page or two from their books.

First of all, prices. I'm raising the price of each "step" of the process from $8 to $10. I hope this seems fair to anyone looking to commission me, whether a new customer or a returning one. Also, this is $10 on your end, I'll absorb the cost of any PayPal fees. Tips are always appreciated, but there's no obligation. The new price will take effect as of January, so if you want a commission at the old price you still have a little time.

I'm also offering the option to get colored pictures. I've been experimenting with coloring some of my previous artwork; I've uploaded those pictures recently. Here's an imgur link with the pictures as well. I've been using to apply (mostly) flat colors underneath the original image, so it can act as an outline and shading layer. I think the results look pretty good, and it's not an overly complicated process. I'd really appreciate your feedback on those images, as I'm still trying to perfect the process, and if anything looks unnatural or sloppy please let me know.

I'm still not 100% committed to color, so I want to keep the shaded versions available. I stopped posting on FA a while ago, mostly because the site was frustrating and hard to use. But it's clear that most people are still going to use it, regardless of how out-of-date it is, so I may as well start putting my art up there. I'm planning to upload colored versions of pictures to Weasyl/FN, and the shaded verions to FA. I'll be slowly uploading my previous pictures there over the next month or two. Any old pictures I color will replace the submission file on Weasyl/FN; I'll delete the most recent test uploads after a few weeks. If a picture only has a shaded version, all sites will have the same picture. If you buy a colored commission from me, I'll put the shaded version on my FA page, but you're free to put the colored version on any site you like.

If you got a commission from me previously and would like me to add color to it, I'll do so for only $6, rather than $10. You can include this as part of payment for another commission if you like, to reduce the amount lost to Paypal fees.

I don't want to have complicated pricing, so there's no charge for multiple characters, backgrounds, etc. However, the more you want me to do on one page, the less detailed it will end up. I'd recommend two "main" characters max, with any micros or background characters being smaller and less detailed. For comics, I recommend no more than four panels on one page.

New Prices:

Lines Only: $10
Shaded: $20
Colored: $30

I also want to state clearly what I need from you, if you're going to commission me:

  • Tell me what you want me to draw in as much detail as possible. POV, approximate scale of characters, SFW/NSFW, color/shaded. I'll try to ask you about anything still unspecified, but otherwise I'll just do what I think looks best.
  • Pictures (ref sheets are ideal) of any original characters involved. Also refs for poses and POVs, if it's something complicated and specific. I can try to work off just a description if that's all you have, but the more you provide the more accurate I can be.
  • I'll ask for payment after I share the outline and you confirm it's to your liking. I can do some minor edits to it if there's something missing. I may be willing to completely redraw it if it's too far from what you wanted, if you're polite and the picture isn't too complicated, but I reserve the right to turn the rejected outline into its own picture with a generic character.
    • If you have a "new" or "throwaway" account, I'll probably ask for money up front. I've had a couple cases of someone with an empty account ghosting me after asking for an outline.
    • Payment is just a money transfer through paypal, I'll share my link once we agree on the outline
  • I don't want to guarantee a time to complete a picture, but I don't think I've ever needed more than a week. I do commissions in the order I get them, so I'll let you know if I have a big backlog.
  • Let me know if you want to remain anonymous. If not, let me know what your preferred profile is, so I can link to it. I'll generally link your FA by default.
  • You're free to post the picture on any site you like, as long as you give me credit in the description. Linking to one of my profile pages is also appreciated.

You can contact me through any of the following methods (keep in mind that it may take me a little while to respond to any messages from the art sites):

Discord: efhosci#8648

Stuff I will do (or have already done before):

  • any rating (general, mature, adult)
  • macro/micro of any scale
  • hyper (penis, balls, breast, muscle)
  • any gender (male, female, herm, etc)
  • paw/sock/shoe stuff
  • vore (no hard vore or "internal" shots)

Stuff I won't do:

  • bodily waste, fart
  • explicit violence or gore
  • cub/diaper stuff
  • clearly underage characters (if they're like ~17 or of ambiguous age, it's probably fine)
  • goo or other body horror stuff
  • big, gaping anuses
  • massive obesity
  • pregnancy

Anything not listed is probably fine, just ask and the worst I can do is say no.

Again, the new prices will take effect as of 2021. Thanks to everyone who's commissioned me so far, and I look forward to working with you and any new commissioners in the future!

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$ 30.00


$ 10.00


$ 20.00

Lines only: $10
Lines & shading: $20
Colored: $30

I'll draw anything that's not too extreme. Macro, hyper, muscle, etc. are fine. Basically, anything similar to what's already in my gallery.


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