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A HUGE thank you and a small YiffParty Update

on 17 March 2018 at 06:20:17 MDT

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support. It really makes me feel so much better knowing you all have my back and you like the art I'm creating! Feel like I have a huge burst to keep on going. I'm all warm and tingly inside.
If I could give you all the biggest hug in the world I swear I would!
I went delving into YiffParty's site on my stuff and it seems for now they are only able to grab whats being made public. I'll be screwing with that set up as much as I can on my end of things but they are also actively asking for a supporter to please leak my content.

I'm incredibly grateful no one seems to be indulging them for that request. I have a pretty damn great community of supporters on Patreon and they have my undying gratitude. If any other artists out there are wondering how they can help make it harder on the site to get their stuff, all I did was bundle up my rewards packs and I send them out via Dropbox on the 5th of the month to the Patreons directly not in a feed post. Also having the Charge Up Front feature turned on helps immensely but I know that feature is randomly given out by Patreon for the moment. Keep your eyes open for it, I jumped on it once it showed up in my settings and it's been very helpful. I'm keeping my eyes on the Patreon Community feed and this is a feature loudly being asked and demanded of Patreon. I wouldn't even hesitate to contact them and ask for it directly, they are aware of Yiffparty and how much of a problem it is and claim to be working on a solution.

In other news I will be opening up my Wing-it commission form tomorrow, it the link will remain open for a couple days. These will not be first come first, but based on the commissions I feel I can do a great job on, or challenge me in some way, or if you have an interesting character I just HAVE to draw!

Thank you guys again!

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    Do you sell art packs?

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      no, but I do give out Art packs to my Patreon supporters

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        Oh. Well are your older ones still available? How much would I have to pledge? I really dig your art.

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          The tiers explain what is in the reward packs. Patrons are allowed to request 1 old pack for every month they support me. So each month at reward pack time, when your payment clears you can ask me for an old pack and I'll send you a link to it.

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            That sounds cool. I see to get the high res versions of your art its only $5.00 a month. If I choose that one do I get the art packs?

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              You'll get the monthly art pack for the $5 tier. You can ask for 1 older Tier 5 pack, for each month you support

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    Amazing work here! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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    Man your work's beautiful; romantic too, I love it! Have a follow