Freelance illustrator currently working and living in New Hampshire. Specializing in digital artwork and being a slave to a Duo of very spoiled felines!

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Small Update

on 4 April 2020 at 08:40:33 MDT

I realize some of you might be worrying about me (thank you, your so sweet) Please don't worry, I'm still getting along okay.
a couple days ago I had my worst 2 days of chest pain and nausea on top of respiratory distress and all I could do was lay around and keep the fire in my wood stove going.

Today I am feeling a bit better than that, the chest pain in minimal but my respiratory distress continues. I was going back through my notes and I am now on day 12 of trouble breathing, after an initial 5 days of a sore throat with a headache. So in total I've been sick for 17 days now.

This stuff is no joke, and is exhausting. I am working as much as I can but it's tough and I have to rest more than I'm willing to.
Right now I just want celebrate my birthday in 2 weeks free of this sickness. My heart goes out to everyone suffering right now. Stay strong, we can get through this!!

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    Do you sell art packs?

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      no, but I do give out Art packs to my Patreon supporters

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        Oh. Well are your older ones still available? How much would I have to pledge? I really dig your art.

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          The tiers explain what is in the reward packs. Patrons are allowed to request 1 old pack for every month they support me. So each month at reward pack time, when your payment clears you can ask me for an old pack and I'll send you a link to it.

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            That sounds cool. I see to get the high res versions of your art its only $5.00 a month. If I choose that one do I get the art packs?

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              You'll get the monthly art pack for the $5 tier. You can ask for 1 older Tier 5 pack, for each month you support

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    Amazing work here! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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    Man your work's beautiful; romantic too, I love it! Have a follow