Freelance illustrator currently working and living in New Hampshire. Specializing in digital artwork and being a slave to a trio of very spoiled felines!

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Headed to AC 2018

on 3 July 2018 at 04:29:10 MDT

Hey guys,
I am heading out to AC shortly. Working on the last of my prep/packing now. Posting will resume when I'm back. I have some great new items for offer at my table, in row D seat 2 this year. I hope you stop by if you'll be attending.
Due to some errors by the staff of my local post office, my ArtShow pieces were mailed out incorrectly and are labeled as "Undeliverable" As this was the Post office's fault they are working with me to try and get the pieces to arrive in time for the show, but the chances are slim that'll actually happen. So I may or may not have some rad new prints and originals up in the AC art-show. It's completely out of my hands at this point but we'll see.
Posts on Patreon have been scheduled a head of time, so if your Supporting me there, you can expect uninterrupted arts.
Cheers guys, and have a good weekend if your at the Con or not!


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    Do you sell art packs?

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      no, but I do give out Art packs to my Patreon supporters

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        Oh. Well are your older ones still available? How much would I have to pledge? I really dig your art.

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          The tiers explain what is in the reward packs. Patrons are allowed to request 1 old pack for every month they support me. So each month at reward pack time, when your payment clears you can ask me for an old pack and I'll send you a link to it.

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            That sounds cool. I see to get the high res versions of your art its only $5.00 a month. If I choose that one do I get the art packs?

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              You'll get the monthly art pack for the $5 tier. You can ask for 1 older Tier 5 pack, for each month you support

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    Amazing work here! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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    Man your work's beautiful; romantic too, I love it! Have a follow