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Back from AC!

Wing-it Commissions Open!

Commissions Opening Tomorrow!

Wallpaper: Krystal

Pine Fur Con!

Wing-it Commissions Open!

Back from ANE and Con Crud...AGAIN

Nack From FC and Con Crud

Heading To Further Confusion!

Badge Commissions and Pre-orders Open!

Update: My cat Cooper has passed

My cat Cooper is very ill

Wing-it Commissions Open!

Opening Commission Slots in 3 days!

Headed to AC 2018

back and Full on AC prep!

I'll be out for a bit and an Update

Wing-it Commissions Open!

Back from Pine Fur Con!

Off to Pine Fur Con!

A little Ask Theo Update

A HUGE thank you and a small YiffParty Update

I HAVE to share this!!

YiffParty Content Leak

Warning! If you get an e-mail from "Tygurstar" Please read!

Update and TFF Commissions!

Back from TFF!

Headed to TFF!

Back from FC 2018!

Wing-it Commissions Open!

Internet Interruption

Be Back Soon!

Wing-it Commissions Closed!

Wing it Commissions Open!

THe Current State of Commissions

Back from AC

AC and an Update!


Headed to TFF!

Getting Better!

Commissioners FYI

Back from FC

Getting back to work

Sad Cat Update

Wing-it Commissions Closed!

Another Cat Update

Little Cat Update

Thank you for your Patience

Wing-it Commissions Closed!

Wing-it Commissions Open!

Last day! Furries Illustrated round 2

Gone for a week!

Ask Ty: #3

Name Change Coming!

TMI Tuesday

The Internets


Back From FC!

Hey Guys!


Artists! Copyright Concerns!

Back from AC 2015

AnthroCon 2015!

Yet Another Move Update

Moveing Update

Move Update!

The move is Near!

Back on Track!

Back from ANE 2015!

Anthro New England Ahoy!

Heads up! Snow!


TMI Tuesday!

2015 Update

Out for a bit and the New Year

Working as fast as I can!

Back from MFF!

MFF Pre-orders closed!

Midwest Furfest Badge pre-orders Open!

Please help save the cats!

Midwest Furfest

Furpocalypse and Computer Survived!

Commission delays

Sketchmissin Name

Wing-It Type Sketchmissions!

Commissioners heads up!

September Commissions Open!

Commissions Open

Shipping discount!

Website Updated!

AnthroCon 2014

Traditional Commissions?

Commissions Closed

May Commissions Open

Reminder Auction ending tonight

Commissions Opening Next Week

Back From Fur The More

Heading to Fur The More!

Commissions Closed


Shirts Available!

Fur-The-More Badge Pre-orders

Commission Info page

FurFright Shirt Interest?

Closing 2013 Ornament Commissions

FurFright, you will be missed

Commissions closed

Commissions Open!

Commissions Form opening tomorrow!

Back from FurFright!

FurFright 2013

Update on the Ty

Heads Up Commissioners!

Regular Commissions Closed!

Last chance for a regular commission!

Regular Commissions Open

Wing-it Commissions Closed!

Wing-it Commissions Open!

Small Commissions Open!

Commissions opening soon!

Commission Closed!

Commissioning Info

Thanks Guys!!

Sexyfur and Tailheat

Wrapping up the Stuffs