Character Auction - Asher - Closed by WinterSoul

Character Auction - Asher - Closed


2 March 2017 at 15:07:16 MST

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Auction Info:
Auction ends Wednesday, March 8th at 6 pm MST.
Auction has ended, congrats to ChawchawWolf, who is the lucky new owner of Asher!

Character Background:
Although born into the role of a working class Shisa, Asher never found his place amongst the beefy bullies of his class. Physically awkward, he honed his skills for persuasion, and managed to escape his fate as a lowly beast of burden. Freedom attained and path wide open, he embarked on a quest to master his skills for inspiration. Yet, as he moved through the world, he quickly realized that his success depends on how well he endures the naysayers. Will his upbeat attitude be enough to conquer the bullies of his past and the temptation for a pessimistic outlook?

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