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DJ PUP, reporting!

Just like on Furaffinity, this group will act as a hub for music in the Furry Fandom, and work towards implementing new plans to both bring music into the forefront of the community, and give furry musicians plenty of promotional opportunities.

Unlike Furaffinity, I've decided to make this not only a central hub for my own mixes, but also provide a space where all Furry multi-media goes through. A merge point, you could say, where everything between Roo’s Fuzzy Notes and XANA’s FurCast is right at your fingertips (Pawtips? Clawtips?) and ready to be discovered. I will also strive to get our group connected with other furry music groups across the internet, so all the possible opportunities for you and your music are easily accessible.

After learning that I’d be more than just a bridge until our old admin—Asia Neko—returned, I've since taken the time to create a network of contacts in the furry and mainstream music industry. I’ll be able to use these guys to provide unique promotional opportunities and contest prizes for you folks, which will hopefully encourage you to get active in the furry music scene.

If you have any questions or ideas as to how we as a group can get better, or are interested in a promotion, feel free to note me. I should be able to get back to you within 24 hours… unless some sort of strenuous events occurs where my attention is required elsewhere.


Click CTRL F and copy the headers here into the box that appears to easily browse through the database!

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Hot Headlines

An Introduction to the new layout of Furry Musicians
Want to join our Board of Critiques? Check this out.
Calling all DJ's! You're wanted

Announcement Board

Want some feedback on a tune of yours? Look no further!
Looking for a collaboration? Need a replacement band member? Have some other crazy idea of you want to bring people in this community together? Leave a comment on the Announcement Board!


  • Furry Musicians Directory
    Are you a musician who's just starting up? Do terms like BPM, Hz, Mastering, and MIDI have absolutely no bearing on you? Well, look no further! Feyyette's got your fix! In no time, you'll be winning Furry Musician Contests, and finding great success on releasing your albums!
    This page is also great for experienced musicians who are looking for an edge on the competition, or even just a review of old knowledge.

  • Furry Musicians on FA
    Founded by Asia Neko and Binx Decosta. A place where so many musicians got their roots! Without it, this page and this admin would have never even existed.

  • FurCast '
    +Saturdays, 8 PM Eastern
    Would you like to partake in a radio show during which it’s considered quite an admirable action to lose sight of the topic at hand? Do you have an unusual regard towards anthropomorphism? Are you intrigued by a culture based on just that concept? Would you relish the opportunity to occupy yourself with a cybernetically transmitted audio stream that, with single intent, vocally converses on the exact affairs of public inter-networking culture, lifestyle, and personal spirituality? Are you wondering why we are utilizing highly complicated contextually phrased questions with which to describe the manner of this broadcast? Then behold, we implore you to direct yourself towards FurCast forthwith.

  • Friday Night Tech
    +Every Odd-Numbered Friday, 8 PM Eastern
    Do you have nothing to do on Friday? Girlfriend or boyfriend stood you up? Feeling a little lonely? Do you want something to do, that’s conveniently placed at 8PM ET? Wondering why we’re asking you all of these strange questions that you could never truly answer? Then you want The Friday Night Tech Show, Presented by XANA Creations!

  • Fuzzy Notes
    +Friday Afternoons or Evenings
    A podcast about the music made by furries. Tracks, interviews, news and info about furry songwriters and producers. Hosted by Potoroo, a furry musician and music industry dude.

Featured Groups

Do you think you and your group are impacting the music community in the Furry Fandom positively? Shoot a note my way and we can talk about featuring you here!

Featured Radio Stations

  • Furocity Radio
    Run by DJ Cody and his staff of DJ's, Furocity Radio is a Rock station owned and operated completely by furries! Welcome to the home of Rock and Roll for the furry community... we bring you rock from any decade! Tune in Today!

  • The Rabbit Hole
    Put your paws up with Romeo Rabbit featuring Radio Lawn with Ricochet Sheepdog & furry musicians including Bucktown Tiger, Rhubarb the Bear, Matthew Ebel, Colson, Fox Amoore with comedy from Poinkcast, 2 the Ranting Gryphon & more!

Featured Podcasts

  • Maestro Paws +Sundays, 4 PM Eastern
    Looking for a classic sound? All those other radio shows feel the same? MaestroPaws covers a wide range of orchestral music. From the traditional (Western Classical, Contemporary & Chorals) to the modern (Film Scores, New Age & Epic Orchestral). You’ll certainly find something to your taste. If you’re a furry composer or soloist, we’d love to play your work as well! Presented by Mikepaws, a British wolf with a howling passion for music ever since first hearing Classical Music as a pup.

Album Releases!

All the Albums to have ever graced Furry Musicians in my time moderating
Looking to have you're latest Album promoted here? Hit me up in with a note and we can talk.
Check out the Album Database here


  • DJ P.U.P, Head Admin: "F*ing Furries!! <3"
  • Asia Neko, Favorite Aunt: "It could always be worse!
  • Binx Decosta, Favorite Uncle: "We all are born with 2 families the

[Prototype] [Backup Site]

Latest Journal

The Furry Musician's Album Achive

  • Electronic Category

Reprieve: The Downgrade Complex Name Your Price!~ Ambiance, Minimal Techno
We Are Furs: Hixbi Fox $3.50 USD~ D&B, Trance, House
(FIN): Martyrs of Apathy $8.00 USD~ Breakcore, EDM, Happy Hardcore
First Snow EP: Aurora Fatalis Coming Soon~ Ambiance, Chillstep, Experimental
20kHz: Black Static $4.30 AUD~ Happy Hardcore, Experimental

  • Instrumental Category

The Attic EP: Mark Nichols Name Your Price!~ Alternative, Folk Rock
Come Find Me: Foxamoore Pre-order for £7.50

Furry Album Archive (Older then four Months)

Where all Shooting stars are laid to rest

  • Electronic Category

Fascinate & Entrance: EAR $10.00~ Progressive, Rave, Trance
The Healing Process: As Seas Exhale $7.00 USD~ Ambient, Post Rock
Signs, Cosigns, Tangeancy: Galileo Name Your Price!~ Alternative, Atmospheric Techno, Ambient

  • Instrumental Category

The Archives of Wyndia: Leila "Woofle" Wilson $4.00 USD~ Soundtrack, Game Music, Orchestral


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    It's ChicaTheBaby on Fur Affinity

  • Link

    Oh, my god! You're hear! Now's a great time to bring this right on over!

    By the way, I don't know if you know this, but you can do mixes straight from soundcloud into Weasyl :3

  • Link

    Nice to see there's now a group for musicians here as well!

  • Link

    Wow, you've really brought this group to life! Sweet!