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Testing 1...2...3... is this thing on? by Furry Musicians

Hello all of you fine furry folks!

After spending a good part of last week and today structuring the page, it's finally here! With the christening of Asia Neko, who gave me permission to start up my little side project here on Weasyl, I've decided to make a few changes from the Furry Musicians group you've all come to know and love over on Furaffinity. The interface here is pretty decent, and I'll be able to do a few extra things that I couldn't over on the old site.

My main area of focus for this new page is accessibility

Instead of typing out a long wall of text, let me explain the changes in bullet form:

  • Introduction of a Board of Critics who will be there to assist in giving feedback on your latest tunes. I'm currently looking for members, so if you're interested, note me!

  • A super useful database, where everything from furry podcasts to new album releases are one click away.

  • An Announcement Board that will tell you what opportunities are going on for musician each month; whether they be collaboration opportunities or band member openings, you'll be able to find them there! Have an announcement? Send it my way!

  • A network of groups for you to go to to get better at music making, or gain extra exposure in your genre of choice

  • A cast of DJ's to keep the group active and full of variety. I'm looking for DJ's right now, actually, so if you think you have what it takes, note me with a reason why I should pick you and e a sample of one of your mixes.

Since I plan for Furry Musicians of Weasyl to be as useful as possible, are there any other ideas you folks might have as to what you want to see integrated into this group?

That about sums it up, folks! Enjoy your stay on this sparkly new page...



Testing 1...2...3... is this thing on?

Furry Musicians

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