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Board of Critiques by Furry Musicians

Hello hello!

If you found this journal through the link on our homepage, good on you! You're already learning how to navigate our group!

As I'd mentioned before, I'm looking to create a Board of Critiques who will assist in giving feedback to musicians (Who've requested it) on their songs! You'll be expected to review a song a day on the Throw Them To The Wolves! journal... ten minutes of your time and you're done. Of course, if you're feeling lucky you can review more then one... I definitely won't stop you.

The requirements are not too steep. If you'd like to join this board, you must do as follows:

  • Find a track somewhere on Weasyl and get the users consent to critique it. Leave some critique on that users submission.
  • Once this is done, comment on this journal with a link to the submission you critiqued, and the text you left for the user to read.

Really, it's that simple.

At this point, I'll decide whether or not I'd like you to join the board. If I say no, don't feel bad... I'll even give you tips on how you might brush up your act for next time you try to join the board.

So, the hard work is done and you're in... now what?

  • Each day you are to visit the 'Throw Them To The Wolves!' journal and see if any new users have submitted tracks for you to critique.
  • Choose a song from that journal to critique. Reply to the original comment with some sort of indicator that you've reviewed it so your fellow board members know not to do the same (however, up to three different board members can review a single song) -The next day, move on to another.

Again, super simple and generally undemanding.

You will be removed from the board if...

  • You are offensive
  • Do not provide constructive criticism
  • Do not review a song each day (with the exception--of course--if real life has gotten in the way)
  • Are unkind or combative towards other reviews done by board members (This does not mean you cannot disagree, however, but be polite/professional)

And that about sums it up!



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