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The Announcement Board by Furry Musicians

Hey folks, on this journal you can submit requests for announcements to be forwarded onto the homepage for all who visit to see. Think of it like the 'local listing' section of a newspaper.

There are not many rules:

  • Do not spam the journal with requests. You may only submit one a week.
  • Make sure your request is reasonable.
  • Have patience, as I have to read through everyone and pick the top ten to display for the month.

What you need to do to be considered:

  • In the comment section, give me a brief summery of what you're requesting.
  • Mention why you'd like for it to be promoted.
  • Add a link to the journal you first brought this up in. This journal will be where the hyperlink will lead if your request ends up qualifying to be announced on the group page.

How your requests will appear on the announcement board:

  • After reading and considering your request, I'll choose *if it should or should not be put up on the board.**
  • *I'll explain to you why I turned it down.
  • If I think your request is a good one, I'll put it on the homepage so anyone visiting Furry Musicians that month will see your announcement.
  • Your announcement will only be up for a month to prevent clutter and backlog.

Some examples of a good request are:

  • Looking for a collaboration.
  • Looking for a band member.
  • Now offering music commissions.
  • Looking for a fundraiser to get my band up on stage.
  • I've got a great idea of how to bring the music community together it is by doing this...

Yep, that seems to be all for now! Send me your announcements!



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