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Furry Musicians wants DJ's! by Furry Musicians

Do you have an inclination to mix and mash everything you hear? Do you like playing music really, really loud? Do you want to help the furry community as a whole discover new musicians, both inside the fandom, and outside?

If you said yes to any of the above, then you've come to the right place! Currently, I'm looking for some DJ's to host weekly or biweekly sets.

So, there's a few rules:

  • Though all genres are welcome, Furry Musicians is a PG 13 group, and therefore, songs with too many explicit words are not allowed to be featured.
  • Your sets need to be over 10 minutes long, and under 45. This generally means that all of the musicians (and their tunes) you spotlight will be listened to... leave the three hour mixes to the podcasters!
  • Have a theme in mind while making your mix... all songs should have some sort of reason to be there.
  • Most importantly, avoid using too many mainstream (top 100) songs, and focus on furry music and the non-mainstream... The furry fandom is far from mainstream, so mix accordingly!
  • Insure you get permission (in moderation) to all the musicians you feature. Alternatively, make a mix without telling the musicians you're using their songs and then when it's done, link them to it. *Both ways are fine, but the second one runs the risk of non-consent.**
  • *Addressing the above...If one of the musicians you feature do not consent to you using his/her song in your mix, you must take it down immediately.

To become a DJ for Furry Musicians:

  • Comment below with a mission statement (why you think you should be part of the crew, and what you want to bring to the community).
  • Provide and example of one of your mix sets.
  • Give me any other information that you think would encourage me to bring you on board.
  • Once you're accepted, you'll be added to the staff list...

How your mix will end up on the homepage:

  • Once you've finished your mix, find a way to give me the raw MP3 or WAV file so I can review it.
  • If you abide to all of the rules and you've made a mix of good quality, I'll download it from you and upload it to our homepage with full credit and any other notes you've left with me to add into the description.

You dig?

Well, what are you waiting for! I'd love to hear from you.


Furry Musicians wants DJ's!

Furry Musicians

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