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Name: Courtenay
Fursona: Cozy
Species: Eastern Gray Kangaroo
Fur Colour: Light gray (underbelly), Gray (main fur), Dark gray (tips of ears and tail)
Markings: Blue and orange bands on tail, Orange band on left ear, Blue band on right ear.
Eyes: Orange
Nose: Blue

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Profile Meme

Name: Courtenay
Taken from my DA page

Birthday: December 4th
Gender: Female
Where Where You Born?: Sydney, Australia
Where Are You Now?: Queensland, Australia
Hair Colour: Dark brown / Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Any Tattoos?: On my right wrist of a turtle
Any Piercings?: No
Shoe Size?: I wear an 8 in mens cause womens shoes hurt my feet i think im a 10 or 11 in womens.
Zodiac Sign?: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign?: Rat
Right or Left Handed?: Right
Innie or Outie?: Innie
Are You At School or Working?: Working


Food: Chicken, Pasta, Pizza, Pineapple
Drink: Juice (tropical, apple), Cola
Colour: Blue and orange
Real Animal: dogs, killer whales, turtles, wolves, foxes, tigers, kangaroos.
Mythological Animal: Dragons, Mermaid, Centaur
DC Universe Hero: The Flash, Green Lantern.
Marvel Universe Hero: Spiderman
Disney Character: Princess Ariel, Queen Elsa
Movie: Harry Potter: The Lion the WSitch and the wardrobe, Starship Troopers, Rio, Transformers
Book: Harry potter, Hungrer Games
Magazine: Take 5
Play: dont have one
TV Series: Biker Mice from Mars, MLP: FIM, Bondi Rescue, Mythbusters,
Radio Station: B105
Ice Cream: Chocolate
Sweets: Choaolate, Lollypops, HeartBeats, Jaffas.
Word: Spiffy
Time of Day: Night
Time of Year: Middle
Month: Hmmm not really sure/
Holiday: Christmas, Halloween.
Season: Winter
Country to Visit One Day: America, England, Japan.
Smell: Rain
Store: Jb HiFi, EbGames, Borders, Comic Book Shops, Sanity.
Clothing:Shirts, 3/4 length pants.
Sport: swimming
Number: 4
Band: I dont have a fav I like all different ones.
Song: Currently "Let it Go" from the Frozen soundtrack
Musical Instrument: drums
Vegetable: potato, corn
Fruit: watermelon, strawberries,, banana
Place to Be: home
Thing in Your Room: bed
Thing in your house/Apartment: my computer
Room in your House: my room
Car: dont have one
Swear Word: Crap
School: I like primary shool better
Year at School: 5
Teacher: I liked all of my teachers
Subject at School: Film and TV
Job: the one im at now. it's the one ive been at the longest and the people are really nice.


Mother: Cheryl (deceased)
Father: Warren
Sisters: Jessica
Brothers: Shaun (though he's really my brother-in-law but i concider him to be my brother.)
Grandmother's: Heather, Olga (deceased)
Grandfathers's: Ronald (Ron) and James (Jim) (both deceased)
Pets: Fish, 2 birds, and a red cattle dog.
Whats your Pets Names: the fish dont have names, the birds are called Pearl and Cinimon, the dog is called Cleo.
You Wish You Could Have __________ as a Pet?: Rabbit (cant have rabbits up in queensland) or a ferret


Dog or Cat?: Dogs (cats are too snobbish to me)
Black or White?: Black
Red or Blue?: Blue
Summer or Winter?: Winter:
Spring or Autumn?: Autumn:
Hot or Cold?: Cold:
Tattoos or Piercings?: Tattoos
Pen or Pencil?: Pen
PC or Laptop?: Both
Digital or Sketchbook?: I draw on sketchbook but I sometimes colour digitaly.
PC Games or XBOX?: PC
McDonnalds or KFC?: KFC FTW
Marvel or DC Universe: DC
Harry Potter: Muggleborn Hufflepuff!
Avatar The Last Airbender: Waterbender
Transformers: Autobot
Marvel: Mutant
DC Universe: friend to a superhero and gains magic powers.
My Little Pony: Unicorn
Care Bears: Care bear Cousin
Disney: probably a random background character int he town trying to do my job while prople start randomly breaking into song.
Hunger Games: Hiding, I think i would take my chances in the woods rather than getting chosen to go into the hunger games. But if i was chozen i would try and take Snow out while in the city. Better to die fighting than for the enjoyment of snobby people.

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    So I recognised your art style from somewhere and dropped in for a looksee and oh I recognise Magic Star (so probably first glimpsed on one of the iterations of Red Planet) and you're Mid's friend whose characters cameo in the fic I was banging out. I'm not quick but I get there eventually XD Hello from the other side of the country :P

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      hey there. good to hear from ya. so your a writer huh? that's cool i haven't written a fic in years. I'm just too impatient. waves hello

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        I used to be once upon a time. These days I've been mostly doing animation scripts for my pet project (not sure if they're any good as far as script format goes but I can read them :P) and notes for the same project. Mid just gave me ideas so the story needed writing.

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    Thanks for the fave!! :D it really put up a smile ='^_^'= ~Naruto :3