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commission email



1-2 characters in exterior set
A$ 1000.00
1-2 characters in interior set
A$ 500.00
1-2 character studio shot
A$ 100.00
add  additional character
A$ 50.00

Full colour

1-2 characters bust to half body with detailed background
A$ 70.00
1-2 characters bust to half body with simple background
A$ 50.00
1-2 characters full body detailed background
A$ 100.00
1-2 characters full body simple background
A$ 70.00
add  additional character
A$ 10.00


1-2 characters
A$ 10.00
add  additional character
A$ 5.00

Terms & Conditions

  1. I will be using the finished piece for promotional purposes. It has otherwise been created just for you and won't be resold or mass produced. You retain all copyrights and whatnot to your character/world.
  2. you may use the piece for any non-commercial purpose (display it in your gallery/blog/social media sites, crop it for an avatar etc). Please credit me with the work (especially if my sig gets cropped off! :))
  3. I may reject commissions for various reasons and I may not always explain why. If it's for a subject I don't feel comfortable with I will attempt to recommend a more suitable artist if I know of one who seems a better fit and does commissions.
  4. payment:
    • for 2d works and 3d studio shots payment is 50% upfront for me to start and 50% on completion to receive the final high res piece
    • for 3d works with indoor or outdoor sets payment is 25% upfront for me to start, 2x25% or 1x50% at any point convenient for you during the process, and 25% (or remaining 75% if you prefer to do it that way) to receive the final high res piece
    • payment to be transferred via Paypal
  5. refunds may be given if:
    • you cancel your commission in the early stages (anywhere up to flat colours for 2d pieces and in the sculpting stage for 3d pieces)
    • I believe I am unable to complete your commission in a timely fashion
    • you don't receive any progress reports from me at least 4 weeks after the last contact
  6. refunds will not be given for sketches, after the lighting/texturing stage has commenced on coloured pieces and anytime after the sculpting stage on 3d pieces
  7. communication will occur via email or note so we both have nice neat records in writing

A "low res" piece will be 800px on the long side.

A "high res" piece will be at least 2560x1440px (so it can be used as a desktop wallpaper) at 300dpi (in case you feel like printing it).


  1. send me an email (fynart at technonaturalist dot net) or a message if you have a Weasyl account with the subject "commission request" with at least an outline of what you want. More details are better as it will first help me make an informed decision on whether I can do your commission and if I can, how to best realise your idea
  2. if I accept your commission:
    1. you pay the starting price and provide references (I can work with text descriptions, visual is a lot easier)
    2. sketches: I produce the sketch, you see the sketch, and I send you the large version of the sketch after receiving the rest of payment (sorry you don't get much say in sketches, they're cheap because I don't spend a lot of discussion time on them ;))
    3. coloured pieces: I will produce up to three rough sketches (when I say rough I mean rough, characters look like a cross between an artist dummy and a stick figure) from which to further refine ideas
    4. 3d pieces: I do a rough sculpt of the character/s in arrow pose (if human shaped) or however is convenient (if not human shaped). For interior and exterior scenes I will also do up to three rough sketches to get ideas for poses etc. Studio shots on the other hand are done like 2d sketches in that I'll just do it (for the same reason, they're cheap because I don't spend a lot of discussion time on them :P)
    5. you approve an idea and I start work on it
    6. please note that asking for too many changes may incur additional charges
  3. extremely generic timeframes (how long your piece actually takes will depend on what it involves, what that translates to in calendar time depends on what else is going on for me at the time)
    • sketches: 1-3hrs
    • 2d simple background: 5+ hrs
    • 2d complex background: 10+ hrs
    • 3d: 40+ hrs and however long it takes to render (complex characters and backgrounds take a lot longer)
  4. on completion I will send you a low res version of the finished product for approval. Colour corrections can still be done at this point, but may incur additional charges depending on how difficult it is. No changes to the base pose will be accepted for 2d pieces. If all is otherwise well, you pay the remainder and once I have received your payment I will send you a high res version of the work

Get through all that? Well done :) Please feel free to ask questions!


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