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Hey guys, TwilightSaint here! ✈️🇺🇸♂️ Welcome to my page!


⚡ Muzafr / The Original Chin Dragon / Judean Desert Dragon //
♛ Sniper / The Kestrel King / Dutch Angel Dragon //

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-Commission Prices & Terms of Service Information-
-Please don't hesitate to Note me! Any and all inquiries are welcome and encouraged.-
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-Active Duty US Navy - Winged Naval Aviator-
Two-Block, FOXTROT!
-Dragon Artist, Fursuiter, & Fighter Pilot Extraordinaire.-

I'm am a self-taught artist focusing primarily in digital art.
My skillset includes dragons, mythical creatures, animals, humans, dragons, & more dragons.
I am extremely skilled in balancing my military career with my art.
My studies include Medieval History, Politics, Islamic History, & Arabic as a second language.
I am an avid fursuiter & dancer, & I frequently post photos here & videos via YouTube.

Latest Journal

2019 Art Calendars - OPEN!

on 24 September 2018 at 12:32:31 MDT


2019 Artwork- & Fursuit-Themed Calendar orders are now OPEN!

It’s that time of year again to kick off this several-years-running tradition! With plenty of time before the 2018 Holiday season, these calendars are great as gifts and for use decorating your home! Add a bit of flair to any room with a host of colorful critters!

The Art Calendars feature a collection of my artwork from 2018, spanning the year thus far! Fursuit Calendars display an assortment of fursuit photoshoots showcasing a few different critters in beautiful locations.

I am offering both Artwork- and Fursuiting-specific types of calendars. Both types of calendar are high-quality printed, and have the same information as far as ordering is concerned. Due to the heavyweight style paper and professional print quality of each Calendar, these also serve as continued print collections to enjoy for many years to come!

Continue reading below to find all information, but feel free to Note/PM me for questions.

2019 Calendars - A Collection of Works from 2018

*What To Know:
-Orders will be open for TWO WEEKS – I will announce when the close date is approaching, & the last day for last chance orders
-Orders in the Continental US are $25, and International are $30 (price INCLUDES shipping)
-Calendars are slated to arrive well before the Holiday Season – Perfect to prepare for gifts!
-No limit to how many calendars can be ordered per household – Shipping is bundled for 1+ orders
-Professionally printed on heavyweight gloss paper, featuring cover and reinforced spiral backing
-All come signed by myself, as well as along with some extra goodies! (Psst, stickers, magnets, & more!)

*If You Want One:
-Comment below on this Journal to claim your order or directly message me, it's that simple!
-Include in your comment if you are within the Continental US or International, & which type of calendar you’re ordering, ART or FURSUITING
-Example Comment: ‘1 Art Calendar, inside the Continental US!’
-I will NOTE you requesting your payment and shipping information
-Your order is confirmed only once you have PAID in full
-Payment via PayPal, USD only
-I will alert everyone with an announcement Journal shortly before I will close for additional orders, when the calendars are shipped, and as well as estimated arrival for both in CONUS and OCONUS orders

You can also take advantage of this opportunity to order a print of your commission or favorite piece of mine! Please note that not all of my works are available as prints, due to commissioner's request or my personal discretion. If you've questions, please let me know as early as possible.

All prints are high-quality, gloss on professional photo paper. Each print comes signed by myself. For Calendar & Print orders, I will bundle shipping for you! You will only pay for the Print cost on top of the existing Calendar cost & shipping. No limit on how many Prints can be ordered per household.

For more information regarding what types of prints I offer, check out this Journal! -

Questions, comments, concerns? Comment here or Note me!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

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    I love your work. You are one of my art and Fursuit performance inspirations. Please keep doing what you do!

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      Thank ya so much, I appreciate that! <3 Take care!

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    Hewwo! I knew you on Facebook but I left it because the drama was killing meee.... I am glad that I have found you! I love your art and your fursuit stuff. I hope that I don't seem creepy but you are pretty chill so eh x3 (and btw in my opinion... Sniper is the most adorable dutchie not counting my own little muffin )

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      Hi there! Nice to see ya here! :) And ah, thanks a lot, I appreciate that! And Sniper says thanks, too! :> <3

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    been a while since i dropped ya aline buddy. how're life things going these days? :)

    last i checked you'd been focusing on a lot of pilot stuff, if memory serves? :D that still going great?

    hope all is well, and happy holidays for ya over there. big snowdook hug for ya

    • Link

      Hi there! Things are going well, thanks for asking. :) And yep, still Active Duty and busy in aviation. Ramping up for some big things happening in the squadron. And thank ya kindly, hope you had a nice Holiday season! <3

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    You, my sir, are awesome! So is your art