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!السلام عليكم

Hey guys, TwilightSaint here! ✈️🇺🇸♂️ Welcome to my page!


⚡ Muzafr / The Original Chin Dragon / Judean Desert Dragon //
♛ Sniper / The Kestrel King / Dutch Angel Dragon //

Where Else You Can Follow My Artwork & Fursuiting

Commission Prices & Terms of Service

-Commission Prices & Terms of Service Information-
-Please don't hesitate to Note me! Any and all inquiries are welcome and encouraged.-
A big shout-out here to all Watchers, Commenters, and Favouriters, current and new! All the support and feedback is very appreciated!

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-Active Duty US Navy - Winged Naval Aviator-
Two-Block, FOXTROT!
-Dragon Artist, Fursuiter, & Fighter Pilot Extraordinaire.-

I'm am a self-taught artist focusing primarily in digital art.
My skillset includes dragons, mythical creatures, animals, humans, dragons, & more dragons.
I am extremely skilled in balancing my military career with my art.
My studies include Medieval History, Politics, Islamic History, & Arabic as a second language.
I am an avid fursuiter & dancer, & I frequently post photos here & videos via YouTube.

Latest Journal

OPEN for Badge Commissions!

on 10 May 2022 at 18:10:57 MDT


Badge Commissions are OPEN! Finished the last batch, & I am ready for more!


Order form below


-These are NOT first-come-first-served slots / This form will remain live for a while until AC crunch time //
-I will be accepting 10-20 slots //
-I will choose orders based off what I would like to work on/what would translate well to my style
-No wait-list available / If you are not selected this round, you may submit a form on my next opening //

-By requesting a Commission slot, you are acknowledging that you have read & understand these rules & those in my terms of service in their entirety.


Anthrocon in-person delivery is available. I am prioritizing these slots. However, you can still submit for a digital-only or hard-copy shipped to you commission! If you’re not selected this time around, I may do another Badge opening in the near future once the Anthrocon Badges are completed. thumbs up

Thanks to those who are interested and to the folks who snag a slot!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

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    your. dragons, are, epiiiiiic! i love them so freakin much!

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      Ah, thanks a lot! Happy to hear that! <3

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    I love your work. You are one of my art and Fursuit performance inspirations. Please keep doing what you do!

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      Thank ya so much, I appreciate that! <3 Take care!

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    Hewwo! I knew you on Facebook but I left it because the drama was killing meee.... I am glad that I have found you! I love your art and your fursuit stuff. I hope that I don't seem creepy but you are pretty chill so eh x3 (and btw in my opinion... Sniper is the most adorable dutchie not counting my own little muffin )

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      Hi there! Nice to see ya here! :) And ah, thanks a lot, I appreciate that! And Sniper says thanks, too! :> <3

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    been a while since i dropped ya aline buddy. how're life things going these days? :)

    last i checked you'd been focusing on a lot of pilot stuff, if memory serves? :D that still going great?

    hope all is well, and happy holidays for ya over there. big snowdook hug for ya

    • Link

      Hi there! Things are going well, thanks for asking. :) And yep, still Active Duty and busy in aviation. Ramping up for some big things happening in the squadron. And thank ya kindly, hope you had a nice Holiday season! <3