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Hey guys, TwilightSaint here! Welcome to my page!
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The Original Chin Dragon.

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-Active Duty US Navy - Winged Naval Aviator-
Two-Block, FOXTROT!
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I am extremely skilled in balancing my military career and my art.
I'm am a self-taught artist focusing primarily in digital art.
My skillset includes all species, feral or anthro, humans, furries, and all things dragon.
I do martial arts, and am an active marksman with rifles and pistols.
I love traveling and can speak Arabic. I study politics, the Crusades, and Islamic history.
I also enjoy fursuiting, and will post photos here and videos via YouTube.

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Long Distance Birthday?

on 31 August 2017 at 04:41:58 MDT


Eeeeey, it's that time of year again! Time to add another notch to my belt and add a number to my age whenever I go to fill out paperwork, hehe.

Yep, this dragon is turning one year older today. It's a little weird, being the first birthday I've spent literally half a world away from friends and family, so that kind of stinks. But, that just means it'll be that much more fun and welcoming when I RTHP here in the not-too-distant-now future!

As a birthday present to myself, last month I ordered a slab - a literal slab - of smoked salmon, and I've hidden it in the back of my room locker so it'd be a pain to extract so I'd have to save it for today. Gonna stink up the room with deliciousness! Sorry, not sorry, neighbors, haha.

Aaaaand, as I'm off the schedule for today, (the stars are aligning...this means I'll get flown until my ears bleed next week, I know it,) gonna be chilling and working on some art! Also as a birthday gift to myself, I got a new character, so I'll be doing up some art of my new bebs.

And prepping some artwork of Sniper. Kestrel boi has been so good to me lately, it's the least I can do for his floofiness. <3


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    Hewwo! I knew you on Facebook but I left it because the drama was killing meee.... I am glad that I have found you! I love your art and your fursuit stuff. I hope that I don't seem creepy but you are pretty chill so eh x3 (and btw in my opinion... Sniper is the most adorable dutchie not counting my own little muffin )

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      Hi there! Nice to see ya here! :) And ah, thanks a lot, I appreciate that! And Sniper says thanks, too! :> <3

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    been a while since i dropped ya aline buddy. how're life things going these days? :)

    last i checked you'd been focusing on a lot of pilot stuff, if memory serves? :D that still going great?

    hope all is well, and happy holidays for ya over there. big snowdook hug for ya

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      Hi there! Things are going well, thanks for asking. :) And yep, still Active Duty and busy in aviation. Ramping up for some big things happening in the squadron. And thank ya kindly, hope you had a nice Holiday season! <3

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    You, my sir, are awesome! So is your art

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    Howdy and peace out yo