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I'm am a self-taught artist focusing primarily in digital art.
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on 3 May 2021 at 14:51:31 MDT


Assalam alaikum, all. Just a quick update as it's been a little bit. Aaaand I'm trying to update more frequently as it is. :P

Updates CAO 03MAY2021 //
-Squishables up for Votes / Beluga and Blue Tongue Skink! //
-Reference Sheets / 'Pay Over Time' via Patreon //
-Large Projects Underway
-RedBubble Shop
-Reptile Artwork Projects / DaSueDragon Etsy Shop //
-Convention Outlook? / MegaPlex, Furrydelphia, etc //
-Other Freakin Ramblings

-Squishables up for Votes / Beluga and Blue Tongue Skink! //

Oh my god, y'all. Y'all cannot look at these and tell me they're not freaking adorable.

Beluga -

Blue Tongue Skink -

Also, can confirm that there are not NEARLY ENOUGH adorable reptile plushes, much less blue tongues!!!

IF these designs get enough votes, they can be put into production and up for order! I know I'll freaking buy 'em, haha! Show the designers some support and vote! There's also plenty more adorable designs up for vote, so check 'em out.

-Reference Sheets / 'Pay Over Time' via Patreon //

Looking for a Ref Sheet but want a flexible, easily-organized payment timeline? With my art tiers, there’s plenty of options to pay over time on my Patreon!

I have monthly payment options as low as $10-20 per month all the way up to $50 and $100 – whatever suits your budget and however quickly you want to pay off your Ref Sheet!

Very easy. When you pledge, message me to let me know you want to pay over time for a large piece. I can get you a total quote for the piece. Then each monthly payment, I’ll add your payments to my tracker. And during the whole time, I’m more than happy to hash out details and discuss options!

Not interested in a Ref Sheet but still want monthly art, guaranteed? You can also pledge at various tiers to receive Sketches, Icons, and more!

And…all Patrons at the $10 and above are eligible to receive quarterly merchandise as an added perk. <3

-Large Projects Underway

Generally speaking, my queue is full at the moment with several large-scale projects. A couple Epic Scenes, and the rest are Ref Sheets! As a result, I don't have a timeframe yet when I plan to open for new projects next.

I'd /like/ to open for Icons or Full-Body pieces next. Looking at possibly the summer/autumn. I'll also try and prep some Full-Body YCH auctions in the meantime. But until my queue gets chopped away, (which it is, slowly yet surely - mostly slowly due to ongoing tablet issues I've been having, ugh,) I'll post updates when it looks like I'll be opening for a fresh queue of smaller projects, heh.

-RedBubble Shop //

Oh hell yeah I got A TON more designs uploaded on RB and available for purchase right now! I’ve personally ordered and tested a number of items, and I can vouch for the fast shipping and great quality of everything I’ve received so far.

-Coffee cups and travel mugs

And it’s all a mix of reptile artwork, (most of which I haven’t posted on here, lol,) masks, fursuit designs, dragons and furries, and all sorts of fun stuff.

And seriously, if you can think of a great pet reptile and even think of a morph…I probably got it available on there. And/or I’m working on it right now and will have it available soon. I’m literally working on and uploading handfuls of fresh designs on a weekly basis, so lots of fun stuff! Thanks for checking it out!

-Reptile Artwork Projects / DaSueDragon Etsy Shop //

And more on the reptile art front! I’ve been collaborating with DaSueDragon to make an ‘Anatomy of…’ metal bookmark series! I do the artwork, and DaSueDragon prints it on stunning metal! They’re so shiny and beautiful in person!

The designs are available on DaSueDragon’s Etsy shop! And she has a TON more awesome products available too, including leather works! From bags, bracelets, to full armor pieces! Send her some love!

-Convention Outlook? / MegaPlex, Furrydelphia, etc //

It's been a whiiiiiiile since I've talked about this...but conventions may be happening in the not-too-distant future! So I'll address that here.

As of next week, I'll be fully vaccinated. That being said, I'm totally fine waiting on the final decision from whatever convention to determine whether it's safe to hold a gathering, AND further guidance on travelling, (it's been a hot minute since I've flown commercially, as I imagine it's the same deal for many of y'all!) I'd rather be safe than sorry - not just for myself, but for others - and have no issues not attending a convention if things don't seem same. Seriously. Running around as a giant animal is not worth the potentially permanent/deadly effects of the pandemic.

Now, that being said. If it is safe, and the airlines and convention are taking the proper steps, I would like to attend a convention. First one I'm keeping my eye on is MegaPlex in August. Next is Furrydelphia (which I've never attended, heh) also in August. BLFC? MFF? Dunno yet, we'll cross those bridges when we get there.

As always - if I end up attending one of these conventions - I'll be posting my traditional 'convention xyz meme' here, including events I plan to attend and fursuits that I'll be dragging along with me, heh.

And to harp on this all again - y'all please still be safe. Even if you personally are fully vaccinated, that doesn't mean everyone else is, and doesn't mean you can start violating people's personal space and/or tossing your mask in the trash. Keep being mindful and treating others with care and respect.

-Other Freakin Ramblings

In other freakin news. I'm just tired, lol. My tablet's been funky, so I've been fighting with that for a while. But it's pushing seven years old now, so it is what it is. I have a bunch of drivers I've been installing/cycling through to see which handful of sh*t sticks and where. So hopefully that gets me back to my regular speed sooner than later. eyeroll

The reptiles are doing well. They all say hi.

People need to stop freakin keeping freakin handwritten freakin logs of my freakin fursuits, characters, which characters have fursuits, which characters have fursuits being made by what maker, and what years I got my suits. That's seriously freakin creepy. Yeah, I've seen your freakin logs you've been maintaining, you know who I'm talking to. What I do with my property shouldn't freakin matter to you. Get your nose out of my business. Get a hobby.

Then furries wonder why I don't reply to comments/DMs hardly any more. Smh, y'all.

Also, woof, like, I'm outta practice packing/travelling to conventions, haha! I def hope (for more than one reason, obviously) that it's safe enough for them to kick off again, hopefully sooner than later. They are, truly, sooooo much freakin fun.

Questions, comments, concerns? If it's legit, you'll DM me.

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

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    your. dragons, are, epiiiiiic! i love them so freakin much!

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      Ah, thanks a lot! Happy to hear that! <3

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    I love your work. You are one of my art and Fursuit performance inspirations. Please keep doing what you do!

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      Thank ya so much, I appreciate that! <3 Take care!

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    Hewwo! I knew you on Facebook but I left it because the drama was killing meee.... I am glad that I have found you! I love your art and your fursuit stuff. I hope that I don't seem creepy but you are pretty chill so eh x3 (and btw in my opinion... Sniper is the most adorable dutchie not counting my own little muffin )

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      Hi there! Nice to see ya here! :) And ah, thanks a lot, I appreciate that! And Sniper says thanks, too! :> <3

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    been a while since i dropped ya aline buddy. how're life things going these days? :)

    last i checked you'd been focusing on a lot of pilot stuff, if memory serves? :D that still going great?

    hope all is well, and happy holidays for ya over there. big snowdook hug for ya

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      Hi there! Things are going well, thanks for asking. :) And yep, still Active Duty and busy in aviation. Ramping up for some big things happening in the squadron. And thank ya kindly, hope you had a nice Holiday season! <3