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I am extremely skilled in balancing my military career and my art.
I'm am a self-taught artist focusing primarily in digital art.
My skillset includes all species, feral or anthro, humans, furries, and all things dragon.
I do martial arts, and am an active marksman with rifles and pistols.
I love traveling and can speak Arabic. I study politics, the Crusades, and Islamic history.
I also enjoy fursuiting, and will post photos here and videos via YouTube.

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*Brief Update - Raffle & Calendars!

on 14 August 2017 at 11:06:31 MDT


-Deployment Update & Next Convention
-Personal Projects
-DeviantArt 10k Watcher Raffle
-2018 Calendar Heads Up
-Patreon & Social Media
*Discussion Topic - Traveling with Costumes

-Deployment Update & Next Convention

Assalam alaikum, all! It's been a hot minute since any big art updates with me, in more ways than one! The Squadron is definitely in the 'dog days of summer,' and when we think it couldn't get any hotter out here, it does. In more ways than one! Flight schedule has been kicking my tail, and when I'm off the sched, I'm usually mission planning or helping new folks learn the ropes, as it were.

But, it is getting to the tipping point where folks are starting to look homeward! While I can't give too many details, (in more than one way, to say that again, haha - but also because nothing is set in stone yet,) I can say that I am starting to look ahead, myself, for my next conventions! Next big convention I'm planning on is MFF! Closer to RTHP, I'll be posting more updates and 'Where to Find Me' Journals/Posters on what meets and conventions I'll be able to make.

Phew, and that reminds me too, I need to start working on my Dance Comp remixes! I can't wait to shake my tail feathers, the Kestrel King is almost back, baby!

-Personal Projects

In the interim, I haven't had as much time as I did early on in deployment to work on art! Mainly because I'm really trying to finish some career goals before I come home, so when I am home, I can spend time with friends and family and not worry about loose ends!

I've mainly been working on smaller projects, i.e; Badges and Icons of all types, as well as some pieces I'll be offering for convention-exclusive pick-up, as well as little knick-knacks I'll be toting around to hand out in fursuit! I'm very excited for some of these as the proofs so far are turning out awesome!

Alas, I've resigned myself with yet another summer of not finishing all the Refs of all my characters...I just keep making more characters, hahaha! I think this is going to be an ongoing personal challenge, but I've really recharged after doing so much personal work, and I'm eager to continue devoting time to doing a personal Ref more often between Commissions when I reopen when I get home!

I also have grown a bit weary of big Refs - they were all I worked on for a while, and I currently have a few more in the works that I'm aiming to finish soon! But the recent Epic Scene with Sniper I did really inspired me to work on more big, expansive background scenes, so expect a few more of those coming up!

-DeviantArt 10k Watcher Raffle

It's almost time for me to officially open for this, but since it will be coming up soon, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up!

I'm nearing the 10k Watcher point on DeviantArt, and as thanks for all the support, I'll be holding a raffle! Full rules and information are coming soon, but the main points are that the raffle is for Watchers only! Once I open for the official journal, all folks will be able to comment to enter, after which I will be checking every single comment, (yes, every single one,) to confirm they're a Watcher and enter everyone into a random generator. The person at the top of the randomized list will receive one Lineless Painted Epic Scene featuring one of their characters with one of mine!

The raffle will be DeviantArt-specific, meaning that you'll have to have a DA account to comment to enter. But if you watch me on DA, FA, Twitter, or more accounts, you can still enter the raffle! You just need a DA account to do so.

Standby for official journal and information. :>

-2018 Calendar Heads Up

Still a little ways of 2017 to go yet, but I'll be super busy when I get home! I'll be taking orders for the 2018 Calendars early this year, around the October-November time frame folks! This will ensure that your calendar will reach you before the winter holidays, and also before I myself get swept up on any out-of-state/-country detachments around that time, haha.

As always, calendars will come signed, with some extra goodies from me! :>

Prices include shipping. For inside CONUS, they are $20, and for OCONUS, $25. I'll be accepting payment via PayPal only for these.

(Psssst, if you're a Patron, you'll get first dibs when I open for Patron-exclusive Epic Scenes for the 2018 Calendars!!!)

-Patreon & Social Media

Just a quick reminder that if you need to message me quickly or for something time-sensitive, I'm very active on many Social Media sites! I also post more day-to-day updates on these, as well as 'feral artwork' and fursuiting photos and inspiration! <--- Most Active on Twitter!

As always, I DO prioritize Notes on my main art galleries such as DeviantArt, FurAffinity, and Weasyl. But with most of my social media accounts, I get up-to-date notifications, thus will see your message a bit faster!

And as I mentioned above with first dibs for exclusive Epic Scenes, supporters on Patreon will also find more 'feral artwork,' updates and announcements on upcoming projects, first dibs for YCH pieces, and to-the-minute Commission opening notifications! As well as some fun stuff at conventions, if you attend them! <--- Much love to my supporters on here, thanks guys!

Discussion Topic - Traveling with Costumes

This Discussion Topic is traveling with costumes! This can always be a gamble, especially for folks who are flying to their first convention with a large costume!

Have you had to fly with your fursuit before? Or do you find yourself having to do so frequently? What are some of the challenges you had to overcome?

And not just fursuits, but cosplay as well! Especially some very intricate cosplay with fragile portions or large weapons!

For myself, when I fly to a convention, I typically use vacuum-sealing space bags! For toony fursuits, they work great, especially to compress an otherwise large, padded bodysuit, (and even large feetpaws,) down to a manageable size to fit inside a standard suitcase. I then often bring the head as a carry-on. I protect my head in a bag, though I know many furs often carry their fursuit heads loose! For realistic and resin-based fursuits, I definitely find that extra padding - usually with rolled up clothing - is a lifesaver, as these style fursuits cannot be compressed.

/ Saint winchester, RTB ATT, ETA 0+30 //

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

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    Hewwo! I knew you on Facebook but I left it because the drama was killing meee.... I am glad that I have found you! I love your art and your fursuit stuff. I hope that I don't seem creepy but you are pretty chill so eh x3 (and btw in my opinion... Sniper is the most adorable dutchie not counting my own little muffin )

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      Hi there! Nice to see ya here! :) And ah, thanks a lot, I appreciate that! And Sniper says thanks, too! :> <3

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    been a while since i dropped ya aline buddy. how're life things going these days? :)

    last i checked you'd been focusing on a lot of pilot stuff, if memory serves? :D that still going great?

    hope all is well, and happy holidays for ya over there. big snowdook hug for ya

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      Hi there! Things are going well, thanks for asking. :) And yep, still Active Duty and busy in aviation. Ramping up for some big things happening in the squadron. And thank ya kindly, hope you had a nice Holiday season! <3

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    You, my sir, are awesome! So is your art

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    Howdy and peace out yo