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Yoki Tremor
♀ . 31yrs . Eastern Gray Kangaroo
Orlando, FL USA
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I can call you master
You can call me mine

🧡 Ninto x Yoki🧡
Falling hard for her world
since 11.07.2017

Latest Journal

Art Fight '23

Team Werewolf.


[x] I will be playing art fight this year.

[ ] This is my first art fight.

[ ] I found out about it through DA.

[x] I found out about it through Twitter or Instagram.

[x] I go slow and steady throughout the month.

[ ] I go hard and burn out quickly.

[x] My profile is decorated.

[ ] I am part of the art fight discord.

[x] I have posted mature filter art.

[x] Art fight is the highlight of July.

[x] I do friendly fire.


[ ] I fought for team Magic/Technology.

[ ] I fought for team Monochrome/Color.

[ ] I fought for team Sun/Moon.

[x] I fought for team Tea/Coffee.

[x] I fought for team Dream/Nightmare.

[x] I fought for team Sugar/Spice.

[x] I fought for team Cyberpunk/Steampunk.

[x] I fought for team Bloom/Wither.

[x] I am fighting for team Vampire/Werewolf

[x] I have won art fight before.

[ ] I played when it was on their old website/forums.

[ ] My user number is less than 1000.


[x] I play because I enjoy the competition.

[x] I play because I want free art.

[x] I play because I want to improve.

[x] I play because I want to give free art.

[ ] I play for another reason.


[ ] I have 50+ followers on Artfight

[ ] I have 100+ followers on Artfight

[ ] I have 300+ followers on Artfight

[ ] I have 500+ followers on Artfight

[x] I have made 10+ attacks

[x] I have made 50+ attacks

[ ] I have made 100+ attacks

[ ] I have made 500+ attacks

[ ] I have made 800+ attacks

[x] I have received 10+ attacks

[ ] I have received 50+ attacks

[ ] I have received 100+ attacks

[ ] I have received 500+ attacks

[ ] I have received 800+ attacks

[x] I have uploaded 10+ characters

[ ] I have hidden characters

[x] I have over 200 points total

[x] I have over 500 points total

[x] I have over 1,000 points total

[] I have over 5,000 points total

[ ] I have over 10,000 points total

[/] I revenge every attack I receive ( I try to, I can't get to everyone)

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    good post

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    What a great gallery you have!

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      Thank you :3

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    Hey, I just recently made a Kukui of my own, but it isn't named, yet O.o

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      Hello, I would love to see. If it helps there is no official naming Conviction as of now. Ichabod was actually named before I finished the species sheet. Like long before so renaming has proven difficult.

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    Thanks for the follow! :・゚✧:・゚✧✨💜

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      No Problem :3