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Commissions! Please Help.

My main monitor blew this morning due to a brown out we had at my home.  Luckily my XP Pen tablet works and the PC is otherwise fine, no other damage that I can see. I am taking commissions to buy a new monitor.   Please anything helps. https://www.tremordrafts.com/prices There are also some charac…

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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day everyone.    Hope you all enjoyed the day and spent it with those you loved be it boyfriend, girlfriend, Friends or Family.   Signed, Yoki Find me @ Toyhouse | deviantart | Furaffinity | Weasyl | Twitter | Picarto Commission Info @ https://www.tremordrafts.com/ Support me @ Ko…

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Art Spam Done

Art Spam is Finished!! Thank you for your patience from here on out Any art I recive will be posted as recived Unless otherwise stated by me or the Artist Remember Plese, Please visit the OP Artist if You can! These wonderful artists have put thier heart into their work and it really shows I am so…

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Finishing Art Dump today

Warning Art Dump!! I will be finishing posting the art I have recived from others today If the artist wants a piece removed Feel free to note me I like to think I'm a Resonable Roo. I will be happy to do as asked. Thank you all for your patience I want to be able to support these wonderful artists…

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Art Spam (Art by others for me)

Art Spam Warning!! I have choosen to post and Premote Artist that have done work for me It's not a heck of a lot but it is a decent ammount I am going in order of date as best I can. Some artists have been lost either due to leaving the internet or loosing contact. I will still credit them by the n…

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Tremor Drafts Commission Weekend Sale

Tremor Drafts Commission Weekend Sale This weekend only, ending on November 29th 2020 At 12:00PM EST, 30% off Your price total on all commissions. See my website for examples and Original Prices. https://www.tremordrafts.com/ Limited slots available.

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Taking a two Day drawing break

Taking a short, 2 day break from drawing. Arthitus in my wrist is acting up Causing sever pain in drawing or moving at the wrist. I have been streatching and wearing a brace to help my wrist heal. Should be fine after the break period and back to drawing.

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Submissions update - Title Key

Hello, I would like to announce that from now onward I will be placing a "code" in the title of my art submissions. This is to better organize the art work, not just with folders but the titles. As such the following is the legend Key as to what each "code" Means with in the submission titles. C -…

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Character Structures

Quick notice: I am currently playing with silhouettes and structures of my characters trying to build more unique looking oc's from themselves and others. Character Refs will be updated when I get myself the chance to do so.  I have decided to do more of the concept structure sketches and share the…