Comish - My Sand and Sky by TwilightSaint

Comish - My Sand and Sky


3 May 2016 at 18:26:14 MDT

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Cell Shaded, Full Background Commission for Ino89777 of the Dutch Angel Dragon, Telephone!

takes a bow Why, yes, I did detail and barb every single tiny little feather on those wings. I am so freaking happy with those, haha, look at those axillaries~ But yes, this is Telephone herself! Not as an anthro, bouncy little critter, but as a regal, strong dragoness, preparing to take flight and survey her homeland. I was so excited when Ino asked me to draw her in my feral, realistic style - she just turned out so awesome! I added a ton of more obvious equine characteristics, too, particularly in the musculature of the limbs. :D

Also, I freaking love drawing crisp, bright skyscape backgrounds like this. So much IMPACT with the character!

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Thanks, Ino!


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    That's some impressive feathering XD (I have done drawing and colouring every single bloody barb on feathers before and the memories makes my hand hurt XD) Fantastic work!

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    majestic af

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    I see You'er at it again with the majestic wings.

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    Absolutely beautiful work!