Bust Comish - Peace Overturned by TwilightSaint

Bust Comish - Peace Overturned


29 April 2016 at 10:05:21 MDT

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Cell Shaded Bust Commission (via FaceBook-exclusive opening) for Shadow-Wolf-Legend of FurAffinity of a very angry Mifupa, the Dutch Angel Dragon!

Mifupa here has been disturbed, and he is not happy about it... I was asked to have him looking aggressive, with an Abyss-themed background, and this kind of derelict, strained pose and expression immediately came to my mind. I wanted to capture a look of Mifupa nearing the Abyss, being drawn to it, then him being alerted to a presence behind him - perhaps a friend calling him back to the Aether. The question, though, is whether Abyss Mifupa will respond, or attack...

(Also, definitely one of the Busts I am most proud of to date. I tried a radically different approach with my extra layers of shading, using a combination of smoothing and chipping away at them with hard brushes to get the kind of silhouetted effect with both soft fades and sharp edges on the details illuminated by the fire. And I am SO happy with the iridescent look on the feathers! I wanted them to look shiny and oily, and I feel like I could reach out and stroke the scapulars...even though Mifupa would probably rather bite my hand off, lol.)

Commission Prices & Terms of Service - https://www.weasyl.com/submission/629052/current-commission-prices

Thanks, Shadow!


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    This is really cool! The amount of detail is amazing :>