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Ref Sheet Comish - Naraku by TwilightSaint

Ref Sheet Comish - Naraku


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Realistic Shaded Ultimate Reference Sheet for Naraku of FurAffinity featuring the lizard-dragon, Naraku!

Ref Sheets are always a lot of work when they're done in Flats alone, and Realistic Shading is no exception! This was a lot of work, but I'm really happy with how it turned out! This guy has such a cool, sharp design, so it was a lot of fun working on him! He's scaly, but he's squishy! Really cool and something I don't get to work on too often! :D

Character backstory, disease, and name, etc information provided by commissioner. Diagnostic info provided by myself with some pointers from commissioner.

Commission Prices & Terms of Service -

Thanks, Naraku!