Even though I joined here so long ago, I am finally learning who I really am, so this page is a major work in progress. It will be changing quite often as I do some learning about my inner dragon, and looking around for some artists whom I might commission for an icon and character ref.

Seeing as how I am still learning about the dragon within, I don't have a complete description yet, but as he tells me more, I will fill in the details. My dragon has trusted me with his name, Caedin ka'Raziel. He allows me to use his form, and a bit of his magics in exchange for me sharing my spirit and body with him.

You've read this far, so I must have said something interesting, or maybe you just want to know a little about me? Not too much to tell really.

I'm a shapeshifting black dragon, with 3 forms: human (only when absolutely necessary), feral western dragon, and anthro dragon. Typically, I wander the world in my anthro form, which stands just under 8' tall. I have a very long tail, measuring nearly 20' long and nearly 24' wingspan necessary to get my bulky butt off the ground. Sadly, I have a desk job, and the paunch around my middle keeps growing. My coloration is almost completely black, with shades of dark blue at my extremities, under my wings, chest and tail.

My shapeshifting is nearly instantaneous, made possible by my inner dragon's gifted magical abilities. It tends to cause issues if I change to feral form in a small area, since in that form, I am considerably larger...(yeah, that shed doesn't exist anymore...) As a feral, I am about 40' long with a massive, 30' long tail. I have at least a 100' wingtip to wingtip measurement, and my head is easily 20' off the ground. And finally, when I do need to be human, I'm 6'2", 290lbs, with a heavyset, yet relatively solid build, dark brown hair and a red/brown beard that I keep fairly short.

I may have an imposing figure, but in reality, I am quite lonely and have a bit of social anxiety disorder, which prevents me from fixing the lonely bit... I work full time in IT, and am a major gamer and computer geek. Sadly, I have very little artistic skill, though I do see building a proper custom computer as art :) I have a few hobbies that include moonlighting as an audio engineer, and running a video production as a tech director.

Other then that, there isn't much to know. I am looking for some friends, though, to help with the loneliness and...maybe find someone with similar interests who wouldn't mind getting a little closer...

Drop a note, or come find me on twitter if you want to chat :)

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Time to get this gallery up to date. Expect a bunch of stuff I had on my FA to get added to my gallery here!

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