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Strictly Business (by Atryl) by etheras

Strictly Business (by Atryl)


1 June 2015 at 20:10:11 MDT

Good evening, my subjects!

Do you know what tonight is? A storm is brewing. A storm so wide and vast that it will draw together warriors from far distant lands to a single battlefield. Among these, heroes will emerge, and conduct battle across the net. I am of-course speaking of Heroes of the Storm, which unlocks tonight (supposedly) at midnight. We'll see how their servers fare under the onslaught of the inevitable flood.

Am I excited for it? Kinda! Hence the artwork. But I was fortunate enough to get beta access fairly early-on thanks for Frenor who was kind enough to endow a fennec with a beta access key. Hugs and kisses for you, mister horsie! And then I proceeded to play the game to death. Unfortunately the only 5 or 6 levels in the game (back then) couldn't hold my interest forever. My hope is that the developers have expanded the number and variety of maps considerably, and thus renew it.

What are my thoughts on the game so-far? It looks nice, plays well, very satisfying. Nicely balanced, and we all get to fight eachother as characters from Blizzard's deep and well-established lore. But that is part of the problem that I have with it. They seem to have gone only halfway. We have all these awesome characters that we've grown up with, each with amazing universes that they came from, and yet (at least in the beta) all the levels are new, from unestablished universes. I wanted to snipe Dwarves at the gates of hell, drop atomics on Diablo on the orbital platforms of Korhal, and cloak in the ruins of Aiur. The current maps pale in comparison to what they could have been. A ghost pirate cove? A garden where the plants walk around at night? Who made these decisions when there were so much better possibilities right there for them to use?

So I am holding out hope that SOME established environments will launch with the game tonight. The dearth of existing maps warrants more expansion anyway. But in any case: I'm excited. Look for me ingame. Hint: Its probably a Nova (or Raynor) named "Etheras". ;)

Awesome artwork is of course by Atryl , who actually unlocked all the characters of Heroes of the Storm without paying anything before beta ended. That's insane. I put in probably 40 hours or so and only had a handful! Kudos to you, mister artist-man. Kudos!

Etheras the Fennec is (of course) (c) , which should be up sometime this summer, and will expand to include a host of awesome functionality never-before-seen on the internet. I'm expecting the big furry sites to steal my ideas pretty quick, but I'm actually quite happy with them doing that.

Artwork is of-course based on Nova (Nova kiss? Big 'splosion? And the gun? Yup: Nova). Who is most-likely (c) Blizzard Entertainment or their parent company (I think Activision owns them these days?)

Want more "Etheras as Nova"? You're in luck! I have another one of those:

Or more video game tribute artwork? Here are a few more:

Or maybe you'd just like to see more sexy fennec by Atryl? You're in luck!


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    I hope I don't catch you in game. Odds are my horse will throw me off in an attempt to "service" you instead :D

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    lol, the pose and expression on his face is priceless to the background XD

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    I will never be able to comprehend the oversized gun.

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      Am an Ultralisk hunter nod O.O