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Merciless overlord of countless galaxies and I still have to keep my profile text up to date? Hrmph. -.-


Want to Chat? : I do not chat over notes! Notes are for important messages ONLY!
Sexual Preference? : Strict Equine Fetishist
Character Usage? : Not A Public Character - do not use without permission. NO surprise gift art or surprise gift commissions please! They are not welcome!
Do You RP? : Generally no

If you are planning to create art of my character, please see the Etheras Character Usage Agreement.
If you are planning to repost art of my character, please see the Etheras Content Reposting Rules.
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Latest Journal

ConCast Season 2

Good evening, my subjects!
Just wanted to post here and let everybody know that Con Cast (season 2) is live. We post every Friday at noon Eastern US time. So what is Con Cast? Its a talk show, about 30 minutes long, with myself (Etheras) as the host and editor, documenting the production of Game of Con Chairs. Each week, we talk about a different aspect of furry conventions, from game rooms to dances to panels to con suites, chatting with the staff at our own convention to figure out the problems that some cons have in their area of expertise, and how they solve them. Which conventions do the weekly topic best, what they do right, and how we might be able to incorporate what they've learned.
Its really a great resource for anyone running a convention, or trying to start a new one, and an informative look under the hood of making a convention possible for anyone who just likes to attend them. :)
Listening is free. We have them up on Soundcloud at

I hope you'll give it a listen :)
~ etheras

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    What an adorable character. I want to pet his ears

    I want to pet his hears

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      Thanks! Glad you like him ^.^

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    Your cute little fennec never fails to get me rock hard. Hope to knot him someday... If his Majesty would give me the honor, of course. :3

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      Eth is a strict equine fetishist (sorry!) Except during the Christmas season, of course... then deer are okay too. <.<

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        Time to down some equinum.

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          (not sure what you mean) o.o

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            I'm gonna drink a potion to turn into a horse. :P