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Flutter of Wings (by Demicoeur) by etheras

Flutter of Wings (by Demicoeur)



A little fennec flits from leaf to leaf, sneaking up on the unsuspecting to cause magical mischief. But if he can be caught, that magic can be wielded by the catcher in exchange for his release. Be wary, the fae are out tonight, dancing upon the toadstools.

For those of you who are going out tonight, be safe! Have a designated driver, and be aware that perhaps others on the road are not being as responsible.

On a side note, I've lately really come to appreciate OG British folklore. Shakespeare, and King Arthur are rife with them, mysterious and whimsical. Despite the positive magical veneer presented by Disney's Tinkerbell, fairy lore is actually pretty dark. There's a lot more depth there than one might think.

Artwork by :iconDemicoeur:
Etheras the Fennec (c)

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